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2019-06-06 15:14:00

Opus IX Card of the Week - Ifrita

Hey everyone, RB here! I hope you’re all excited about the amazing new Opus IX: LORDS & CHAOS cards we’ve been seeing! This week, I wanted to show off a new card with an effect players have been clamoring for. Every element, except Fire, has had Summons that allow you to select 1 of a few options when casting the Summon… that is… until Opus IX. Fire is getting its first modal summon with Ifrita 9-002H!

Lore-wise, there is not a whole lot to say about Ifrita, who is a newer addition to FINAL FANTASY, having appeared in Mobius FINAL FANTASY in 2016. Another version, known as Ifreeta, appeared in World of FINAL FANTASY also in 2016. As a fire goddess, she gains power from the souls of others, and uses it to lay waste to all who oppose her.

Let’s take a look at the card!

Ifrita is a 3 CP Fire Summon that reads, “Select 1 of the 3 following actions. If you have a total of 5 or more Card Name Ifrita and/or Card Name Ifrit in your Break Zone (before paying the cost for Ifrita), select up to 3 of the 3 following actions instead. ‘Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 7000 damage.’ ‘Choose 1 Monster of cost 3 or less. Break it.’ ‘Deal 3000 damage to all the Forwards opponent controls.’” Towards the beginning of the game, Ifrita is a fairly straightforward Summon, giving you a few options for taking out Forwards or Monsters. However, once you’ve built up her power, she can take out a 10,000 power forward, a Monster, and deal 3000 damage to all of your opponent’s Forwards, all in one go!

There are a few different options for Ifrit Summons to pair with Ifrita. Ifrit 8-003C is great if you’re playing a Mono Fire deck, as it deals 4000 damage, and an extra 1000 for each Fire Backup you control, ramping it up to a 9000 damage EX Burst at 5 Backups. Ifrit 7-005C deals 7000 when cast from your hand, but 8000 on EX Burst without requiring any other Backups or conditions. And Ifrit 5-003C pairs extremely well with Ifrita. It deals 5000 damage to a Forward, but if you discard 1 Card Name Ifrit from your hand, it deals 10,000 damage instead! This can help you get Ifrit cards into your Break Zone quicker while you quickly take out your opponent’s Forwards.

Of course, you’ll need some other cards to play around with Ifrita and Ifrit. I’m sure it’s no surprise, but Fritt 7-004C is a Forward, and Monster, that will help you search out Ifrit cards to fill your Break Zone with. Fritt is a 2 CP Forward with 4000 power, and when it is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may search for 1 Card Name Ifrit and add it to your hand. While Fritt can’t search out Ifrita, when Ifrita does show up, she’ll be ready to unleash her full powered Hellfire. Once Ifrita is full power, it will be worth having Black Mage 8-007C to pull her out of the Break Zone and play her again! Lastly, many players have been waiting for an opportunity to put good use to Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna 6-010H. She is a 6 CP Fire Backup with a Field ability that reads “If a Forward is dealt damage by your Fire Summon, the damage increases by 1000 instead.” She also has an auto ability that reads “When Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna enters the field, you may search for 1 Fire Summon of cost 4 or less and cast it without paying the cost. If you do not cast it, put the Summon into the Break Zone.” Since Ifrita and Ifrit are all about dealing lots of damage, upping it by 1000 is a no brainer. Using her Search effect early is also fine, as it ups your Ifrita/Ifrit count and boosts your EX Bursts, but even if Caetuna doesn’t show up until later in the game, you can search out an Ifrita for 12,000 damage to a chosen forward, 4,000 to all of your opponent’s other Forwards, and break a Monster!

So, what do you think of Ifrita? Is she the Summon that will light a fire in your deck and give your opponent’s Forwards hell? Do you have any ideas for fitting the Ifrita package in a deck that pairs Fire with another element? What other Opus IX Fire cards are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments at!

I know it will be hard to wait, but Kageyama-san will be back next time with a new Water card!

Until next time!