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Producer's blog 2021-04-07 19:00:00

Notice regarding the introduction of the L6 composition format

2021 04/l6

Hello there everyone, this is Kageyama Taro, producer of the FFTCG. These are trying times, but I sincerely hope that you are all keeping healthy and things are going well for everyone out there. 

Today I would like to announce that we are introducing a new tournament format called “L6 composition”. The current FFTCG deck composition rules offer the standard, L3 composition and single title composition formats. L3 was supposed to have been introduced with much fanfare last year, but as I am sure you know, the ongoing global situation means that it has been impossible to properly hold major tournaments and local shop based events since then. This essentially means that an L3 meta featuring the three season lineups of Opus VIII to X, IX to XI and X to XIII that was supposed to take place last year never really existed. It goes without saying that the continuing availability of the standard format means that nobody actually lost out on the opportunity to use their cards, but at the very least it led to players being unable to use the cards from the latest sets while they still felt new and fresh.

Because of this situation with the latest Opus sets, we have decided to take emergency measures and establish an extended “L6” format, in which the latest 6 sets can be used. Of course, the L3 format has still barely been used at this point, so we are certainly not abandoning it, but are simply introducing L6 as another option to stand alongside standard and L3. We plan to first use this format at several large-scale tournaments in Japan, starting with a number of events that lead up to the Masters 2021 in June. Furthermore, to coincide with the roll out of L6 composition, we will be restricting 12-110L Neo Exdeath to prohibited card status. Sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause.

As the current global situation is very changeable, there is still a possibility that the introduction of L6 may be cancelled or suspended, but for now I urge all FFTCG players out there to give it a try! I really am looking forward to the day that I can see you all again at events.

L6 composition is a special deck composition format where players compete using only the cards from the 6 most recent Opus sets. The following rules apply in addition to the standard rules.

The only cards available for use are those included in the 6 most recently released Opus series, counting back from the date that the event is held on and thus featuring the relevant “Opus” number (e.g. Opus XIII cards will feature 13-XXX etc.) or cards that only feature a PR-XXX number.

It is permitted to use cards that were released earlier than the specified Opus series or PR cards, as long as they feature a card number identical to a card that is from the permitted sets.

A new Opus series will be available for use from the official release date onwards, and this will cause the oldest of the 6 Opus sets previously available to be removed from the permitted pool of cards.

In addition, if a card is included in products such as starter sets etc. in advance of its parent Opus set release, that card will not be permitted for use in L6 events until the respective Opus set is officially released.

The cards prohibited for use in L6 format events are managed separately from the list prohibited for standard, L3 and single title format ones. The following card is prohibited or L6 format events (as of the current time 07/04/2021). It is not permitted to include even a single example of this card in your deck.

  • 【12-110L】Neo Exdeath

Alongside the introduction of the L6 format, we have also reviewed the metagame for the L3 composition format and ruled to make 12-110L Neo Exdeath a prohibited card for L3 format events as well.