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News 2024-06-27 17:00:00

Hidden Trials - Card of The Week - Edge [23-126L]

Edge [23-126L] art

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. It's the third Card of the Week for “Hidden Trials”, and we’d like to introduce a new card with a Limit Break. Limit Breaks are often a game changer, and it looks like this card also shows such potential. Let’s take a look at Edge [23-126L]!

This is a legendary warrior that has joined the party as a ninja and fought to the end, despite being the prince of the kingdom of Eblan in the original FINAL FANTASY IV. Edge [23-126L]’s card is designed with him being a ninja in mind. He is a Lightning Forward with 6CP, 8000 power, and Job Ninja. As noted earlier, this is also a card with a Limit Break, and the LB cost is rather high at 3, which means one can cast it a maximum of two times during the game. The necessary CP and LB costs are both high, but this signals that we can look forward to powerful abilities for Edge [23-126L], so let’s take a look.

When Edge [23-126L] enters the field, he has one auto ability that adds a new auto ability to all Forwards of Lightning, Job Ninja and Card Name Ninja you control until the end of the turn. The auto ability it grants is "When this Forward attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 7000 damage.” Imagine Edge [23-126L] appearing on the field in a stalemate situation where both players have deployed their Forwards. If each Forward attacks and deals 7000 damage, it will be very difficult for the opponent to maintain their board state. It would not be an exaggeration to say that combining this with a Forward like Yuffie [18-050L], whose attack itself is strong, would be quite a threat. Moreover, since it is an LB card, there is the great feature of being able to use it when you wish to do so. Since it affects not only Ninja decks, but also Lightning Forwards, I believe it will be useful in decks where Lightning Forwards are the main fighting force.

Finally, here are some cards that go well with Edge [23-126L]. If you are focusing on Ninjas, then Yuffie [18-050L], which I just mentioned, would be an obvious pick, but my recommendation is Jinnai [8-100R], which can go onto the field and deal 4000 damage even during the attack phase with Back Attack. If a Forward attacks and you follow up with an attack on an opponent's Forward that has been dealt 7000 damage, it can Break Forwards up to a power of 11000. Since this card has First Strike, it works well with the 7000 damage infliction even if Jinnai himself is the one attacking. If you want to focus on cards with moves that combine damage from Edge [23-126L], backup cards such as Ninja [12-013C] may also be a good choice.

If you would like to focus on the Lightning element, cards such as Maqui [1-209S] and Ricard [19-084R] that give First Strike to a chosen Forward, making it less likely to be blocked, and Aranea [11-086L] which has a First Strike from the beginning, are cards that may be handy to use in tandem. Also, Estinien [20-088L], which can attack twice, is also powerful. Warp has the advantage of being easy to use in tandem with the Limit Break in terms of both timing and cost.

What do you think of Edge [23-126L]? Will it make it's way into your deck as a new LB card? Please consider it! Next time, I’ll introduce a character that repeatedly stands in the way of the protagonists.