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Card of the week 2024-02-29 18:01:00

Hidden Hope - Card of the Week - Dorgann [22-047L]

Card depicting Dorgann [22-047L]

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. It's time for Card of the Week, where we introduce cards from the latest booster pack before they are released. Last week, we introduced two cards from "Hidden Hope," and this week we’ll introduce another. A legendary Forward with a clearly powerful ability. I'm sure it will be of everyone's interest, so please take a look. Let's get started!

This time I'll be introducing Dorgann [22-047L], who appears in FINAL FANTASY V. In the original story, he is Bartz's father and one of the legendary Dawn Warriors. He has been featured in a card twice before in FFTCG, and this is his third appearance. Dorgann [22-047L] is also a card drawn by Miki Yamashita, who also drew Warrior of Light [19-128L] and Lenna [18-100L], so a full art version of the card also exists. The illustration is especially noteworthy. 

Now then, let's take a look at Dorgann [22-047L] from the game aspect. Dorgann is a Wind Forward with a cost of 4 CP, 8000 power, and of course Job Dawn Warrior. At 4 CP & 8K it’s a pretty standard body with a powerful auto ability that allows you to select from a number of effects when it enters the field. The three you can choose from are: ”Choose 1 Forward of cost 5 or more. Remove it from the game.” “Choose 1 Monster. Remove it from the game.” “Choose 2 cards from either player's Break Zone. Remove them from the game. Draw 1 card.” It is nice to know that all of the effects will remove cards from the game. Reusing the cards in the Break Zone is a popular strategy, but the first two effects, in which you remove a card from the game are excellent effects to counter this playstyle. The third and final effect more directly prevents reuse of a card that is already in the Break Zone, as you are removing a card from the Break Zone. It also allows you to draw a card, so the effect works wonders.

It is certainly a great card with excellent effects, but there may be those that feel this lacks a punch just on its own. Not to worry. This ability has a conditional effect, which a wind deck will excel at meeting. If you had cast three or more cards this turn, you get to actually choose a whopping two effects out of the three. You can remove a Forward with a cost of 5 CP or more and a troublesome monster in one go, or you can remove either of them and a card in the Break Zone in order to draw a card. Since casting Dorgann [22-047L] as the third card also triggers this effect, you can fulfill the condition quite easily. I can see it being useful not only in Wind-only decks with a cast-count strategy, but also in other decks, given its usefulness. What do you think? Have you come up with any ideas for decks using this card? I hope you’ll give it a try.

That's all ‘til next time. The next article will be the last Card of the Week in "Hidden Hope". We look forward to your support till the end!