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Producer's blog 2020-06-15 12:44:40

From the Producer Special Vol. 8: L3 Constructed seen through “Meijin-sen Stay Home”

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Hello, everyone. FF-TCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. It’s been quite difficult to deliver new information, but your continued support is much appreciated as I continue to do my best in doing just that. By the way, is everyone aware of the “Latest 3 Opus Constructed (hereafter, L3 Constructed)” format in which players build a deck using cards found in the latest three booster sets? This new format was announced before the release of “Opus XI: Soldier’s Return” and under normal circumstances, would have been used in various successive tournaments and events. However, due to event cancellations and postponements under COVID-19, up until this point, the format hasn’t gained as much steam as we had originally anticipated. Thus, I would like to reintroduce the “L3 Constructed” format in this column. The format has been used in the “Meijin-sen Stay Home” tournaments happening online [in Japan], so I’d like to reference some of those decks as well. 

About “L3 Constructed”:

Let’s start by brushing up on the “L3 Constructed” rules. As mentioned earlier, a deck is built using the latest three sets in “L3 Constructed”. At this moment, it would include cards from “Opus IX”, “Opus X”, and “Opus XI”, as well as those included in “Starter Sets” with a card number of 9-XXX, 10-XXX, and 11-XXX. Aside from that, it follows the same rules as the “Standard” format. Furthermore, there are no banned cards at this moment in time, so all cards that meet the above criteria can be used. I also recommend this format to beginners as there are fewer types of cards involved.  

Now, what are some deck types currently seen in “L3 Constructed” ... It may be difficult to go straight into building a deck for “L3 Constructed”, so I’d like to take a look at some of the decks that have seen success in past “Meijin-sen Stay Home” tournaments.

What types of decks are there?

First is an Earth/Lightning deck. The deck “Reimen Morioka” used to win the “8th Meijin-sen Stay Home” tournament on May 30th was an Earth/Lightning deck. This deck includes Ranperre [10-104R], enabling the player to quickly place Shantotto [10-136S] onto the field to take the advantage while attacking with powerful Forwards. By starting with Garland [10-088H], both Garland [10-088H] and Shantotto [10-136S]—two Forwards with 9000 power—are placed on the field while enabling the use of Shantotto [10-136S]’s ability. Overall, these two elements have high-quality Forwards and many forms of removal, so the deck composition is quite responsive while having intrinsic strength. Furthermore, once the “Kingsglaive”, centered around Nyx [11-097H] starts moving, they will become a force to be reckoned with as their abilities synergize with one another. It’s also great that Class Tenth Moogle [9-074C] helps with generating either CP.

Deck List:





3x[9-062H] Vincent
3x[9-063L] Gabranth
1x[9-076H] Larkeicus
3x[10-136S] Shantotto
1x[11-065H] Ardyn
3x[9-084H] Kain
1x[9-094L] Fusoya
1x[9-095L] Meia
1x[10-088H] Garland
2x[11-090L] Kuja
3x[11-097H] Nyx
3x[11-102C] Libertus
2x[11-140S] Kadaj
1x[9-074C] Class Tenth Moogle
1x[9-080C] Regis
3x[11-068R] Clarus
1x[11-069H] Cindy
1x[11-072R] Tyro
2x[11-077C] Beastmaster
2x[9-098C] Reeve
2x[10-086C] Aldo
1x[11-092C] Crowe
1x[11-103C] Luche
3x[10-104R] Ranperre
2x[9-068H] Mist Dragon 1x[10-090C] Kanna Kamuy
2x[11-078R] Mandragora

Second, I’d like to introduce a deck that includes Ritz [11-063L], a Legend card from “Opus XI” that has drawn much attention. This is a three element (Fire/Wind/Earth) deck that “aaaa” used to win the “7th Meijin-sen Stay Home”. Placing Ritz [11-063L] onto the field from the break zone using Marche [11-017H] is a simple, yet forceful move and is a good enough reason to center a deck around Ritz [11-063L]. Additionally, having Forwards other than Ritz [11-063L] that can take on the role of an attacker, like the latest force in the Fire element, Braska’s Final Aeon [11-015L] among others, is also a strength of this deck.

Deck List:





2x[9-076H] Larkeicus
3x[11-063L] Ritz
3x[9-056H] The Magus Sist.
3x[9-059R] Rem
3x[11-074H] Barret
2x[11-130L] Sephiroth
3x[11-017H] Marche
3x[11-015L] Braska's F. Aeon
1x[11-128H] Princess Sarah
1x[11-129H] Chaos
3x[9-071C] Bangaa
3x[10-061C] Class8th M.
2x[10-083R] Mog (MOBIUS)
1x[11-056R] Fiona
1x[10-057C] Bartz
2x[11-053H] Doned
3x[11-072R] Tyro
1x[11-055R] Pandemonium
3x[10-068C] Cu Sith
3x[10-045C] Unsaganashi
3x[11-046R] Killer Bee
1x[11-078R] Mandragora


As mentioned earlier, there is a smaller range of card types involved with “L3 Constructed”, but at the same time, there are many cards that make it easier to construct multi-element decks in the current environment, such as the Moogles, starting with Class Second Moogle [10-016C], as well as Tyro [11-072R] and Princess Sarah [11-128H], so you can say that the possibilities in deck variation are almost as varied as the “Standard” format. We know Standard is fun, but I hope you’ll also try out “L3 Constructed”!