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Card of the week 2023-02-23 18:08:21

From Nightmares Card of the Week - Relm


Hello everyone! FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. I hope you were looking forward to this week’s “Card of the Week.” I know I’ve been popping up more often than usual in this series, but let’s get started on this week’s piece. This week, I would like to talk about one of the protagonists from FINAL FANTASY VI: Relm [19-127L]. She is a Water-Ice Multi-Element character, and a Forward at a Legendary rarity. Mr. Amano’s whimsical artwork depicts her in a very cute way. With that, let’s take a look at the card itself.

Relm 19-127L

Relm [19-127L] has a cost of 2 CP with a power of 5000, and her Job is once again a Pictomancer. You may be thinking a Multi-Element Forward with a cost of 2 CP would have more power; but we have also learned that Forwards who don’t seem to reach the typical power range usually have powerful abilities. Looking at the actual card, we see she only has one ability, which is the auto ability when she is placed in the field. However, when you take a look at this multiple-choice auto ability, you’ll see that it’s quite astonishing. This is what the card says:

When Relm enters the field, select 1 of the 2 following actions.

“Choose 1 Monster in your opponent’s Break Zone. Play it onto your field.”

“During this turn, if your next Summon of cost 4 or less cast from your hand is put into the Break Zone, remove it from the game instead. Then, cast it again without paying the cost.”

The first choice is dependent on the opponent, but say for example you have any Monsters that does its job when placed in the field, such as Typhon [14-049H], Krysta [18-023H], Cerberus [18-040H], or Ahriman [18-052H], you may not want to casually place any of these into your Break Zone as a cost for anything, if you’re up against someone with an Ice/Water deck. Your opponent may be looking to use Relm [19-127L] on those helpful Monsters in your Break Zone.

The other option is more focused on putting some pressure on your opponent on the offense. Simply put, if you cast a Summon with a cost of 4 CP or less out of your hand, you can cast it again automatically. While Summons can be cast at any time, it’s so powerful because you can only use them once; so being able to use it twice in a row makes this impossible to be considered weak. You may pull four cards into your hand with Syldra [12-097H] or use Cúchulainn [17-109R] to put two Forwards into the Break Zone. The ability doesn’t stipulate the element, so if you’re able to cast it, you could even use it on Brynhildr [15-014H] or Ramuh [18-084C]. That said, when you bring Ramuh [18-084C] for the second time, you won’t be able to pay the extra cost, so you can only take advantage of the 15,000 damage in the first cast. In any case, there is no doubt both options have the potential to be game changers.

Perhaps it might be better to use it in a deck that focuses more on Summons, just so you can make more efficient use of the second option which doesn’t rely on your opponent’s cards. So, the core strategy would probably be doubling your Summons’ function, and then target your opponent’s Monsters if the situation calls for it. If your opponent uses the same elements as you, being able to grab Krysta [18-023H] or Byblos [16-038H] from your opponent may put you at a big advantage.

What did you think? I would love for you all to come up with what you think is the best way to utilize Relm [19-127L]. Oh, I forgot to mention, beware of Amaterasu [12-002H]!

Next time, Richelle will be introducing you all to a Water-element Warrior of Light. I hope you look forward to it!