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Card of the week 2023-03-02 18:11:59

From Nightmares Card of the Week - Refia


Hey everyone! Richelle here with my second “From Nightmares” Card of the Week of reveal! I’d like to show off a new version of Refia from FINAL FANTASY III! One of my earlier memorable Card of the Week reveals was a Refia card all the way back in Opus V with some similarities to this card, so I’m excited to share. Let’s take a look!

Refia 19-102L

Refia [19-102L] is a 3 CP Water Forward with 7000 power, Job Warrior of Light, and category III. Refia has an auto ability and an action ability, each of which deals with the Job Warrior of Light, as Refia typically does. The auto ability reads, “At the beginning of the Attack Phase during each of your turns, activate all the Job Warrior of Light you control. When 4 or more dull Characters are activated by this effect, draw 1 card.” While the action ability reads, “Dull 4 active Job Warrior of Light: Choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Put it at the top or bottom of its owner’s deck. You can only use this ability once per turn.”

These are some incredibly strong effects giving a major boost to the Job Warrior of Light. Addressing the action ability first, gathering 4 Warriors of Light (thematic gameplay) allowing you to essentially remove an opponent’s Forward would be okay on its own, but remember you can utilize it in ways discussed in my last card of the week, to in turn steal the card with effects like Mind Flayer [15-120H]. It is not required that the Warrior of Light cards you gather need to be Forwards, and there are a few decent Backup options to consider. Sarah (FFL) [7-114H] or [12-099R] are both Warrior of Light Backups that search out Warrior of Light Forwards, making either a great option to include to find your 4 characters quicker. Additionally, Refia’s companions all appear as backups in Opus 13, Luneth [13-015C], Arc [13-035C], and Ingus [13-055C], each with their own action abilities, making them work well with Refia’s auto ability. While it might be difficult to include that many different Element Backups, splashing one or two into a deck would be fairly simple.

Lastly, I’d like to mention Krile [18-055R], an Earth Backup with Job Warrior of Light and a powerful EX Burst ability giving some added synergy with Category V Forwards. Category V Forwards often have the Warrior of Light Job, as well, so you can consider some cards like Lenna [18-100L], Faris [18-012L], or Bartz [16-128H].

Of course, there are lots of characters with the Warrior of Light Job for you to consider with this card, so I’d love to hear some of your combos! Let us know on!

Now begins the final days until the last “From Nightmares” Card of the Week reveal, but Kageyama-san will be here to introduce it, until the heavens fall, until our last breath...

...until next time!