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Card of the week 2023-02-16 18:06:41

From Nightmares Card of the Week - Golbez


Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here! We’re back again with “Card of the Week” to introduce a new card from the booster pack “From Nightmares”, releasing on March 24th.  Today we’d like to introduce a Lightning Legend Forward, featuring a brand-new artwork by Akira Oguro. Now, allow me to present the Card of the Week. Today, we’re introducing Golbez [19-077L].

Golbez 19-077L Golbez 19-077L Full Art

The way he stands in front of the moon, which is one of the iconic elements of “FINAL FANTASY IV”, conveys his grand and strengthful presence. Please witness his coolness in the full art of this card. Now, let’s look at the ability of this card. Golbez is a 4CP card with 8000 power that has Warp, one auto ability, and one field ability. Normally, Warp allows you to bring a Forward out to the field with a smaller cost than the normal cost (albeit with a time-lag as its price); but for Golbez [19-077L], the act of getting removed from the game itself bears importance. You will see what I mean when you read the auto ability for this card.

The auto ability for Golbez [19-077L] states, “When a Warp Counter is removed from Golbez, you may play 1 Job Archfiend from your hand onto the field. When you do so, draw 1 card. This effect will trigger only if Golbez is removed from the game.” Basically, this allows players to play 1 Job Archfiend on the field at the beginning of your main phase for every turn. Golbez [19-077L] will have 4 Warp Counters on itself. Which means, you may be able to play all 4 of the Archfiends on the field if all goes well. Not only that, but this ability also comes with the effect to draw 1 card, so you can increase the number of your Forwards without using the cards in your hand.
On top of that, Golbez [19-077L] continuously increases the power of Job Archfiend Forwards by 3000 with its field ability. However, players should be careful with this as it becomes meaningless if Golbez himself is not out in the field.

Using this card means that you should include plenty of Job Archfiends. Specifically, Scarmiglione [17-133S], which has a special ability, Barbariccia [3-066R], which has an ability that triggers when it enters the field, Rubicante [3-024R], which is heavy on the cost but powerful, and Cagnazzo [13-091H], which allows you to place 1 Water Counter each time a Forward enters your field, are all recommended. A lighter Forward can of course be played on its own, but playing them with no cost allows you to reallocate your CP to other actions, and situations where you won’t be able to cast because of mismatching elements will be eliminated.

I will handle the next Card of the Week as well, and will introduce a “character that uses paintings”, who appeared in a title that features many protagonists. Please stay tuned!