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Final Fantasy TCG & Friends Festival Format Overview


Get ready for 2 Days of Fun, Battles and an Amazing Experience.

It is not a Tournament – well at least not the usual way.
You will all compete in Teams of 3 Players; you can either register your Team on the day itself or search for other players on the Event. We will assist you in finding a Team!

Even if you have little to no experience in FFTCG, you can just grab a Starter Deck and come to play.

The Rules are easy – every Player has to bring a 50-card Deck, but with some unusual restrictions. You are not allowed to run any Hero (H) or Legend (L) card in your Deck. However, make sure to bring some of those as well, as you will be able to level up and upgrade your Deck.

Two Sides – One Quest

All Teams will be assigned to either the Warriors of Light or Warriors of Darkness Side and all victories that your Team achieves will count towards the total points for that Side.
Will the Warriors of Light or the Warriors of Darkness save Kageyama-san from the Void?

Gain Experience – Compete in the PvP Area against other Teams to gain XP to unlock Hero and Legend Slots for your Decks. Every Win counts, but each individual Team Match will be won by the Team who wins at least two of the three Games.

Battle the Bosses (and meet the amazing people behind FFTCG ^^) – Once you think you have gathered enough XP, you can challenge the Bosses after upgrading your Deck accordingly in a thrilling 3v1 Boss-Battle, following the exclusive Boss Battle Rules. Nevertheless, do not think this will be easy. The Bosses only grow stronger!

Collect Items – To help you defeat the Bosses you can collect some exclusive Items, which will help you during those fights by completing Side Missions and Mini Games as well as Side-Events. Each Item will grant you access to a Proxy-Card you can put in your Deck for a 1-time usage! So prepare for some never seen Abilities in FFTCG!

We hope this gives you a first brief overview of what to expect and we will share a more details on the Side-Activities, system and prizing real soon! ;)

Don't forget to grab your ticket for your exclusive Festival Goodie Pack! 

"Mark well our faces, Warrior of Light, for we are the Warriors of Darkness. Walkers of a different path. And we shall meet again."