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Events 2019-04-12 13:42:00

FFTCG & Friends Fan Festival Venue Reveal!

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Pabellón de la Navegación

We're very excited to confirm that the FFTCG & Friends Fan Festival will take place in the beautiful Navigation Pavilion in Seville!

This iconic building originally created for the World Exposition of 1992 will provide a huge indoor & outdoor space to make for a very unique experience and we cannot wait to share more with you about our program.

But first things first, travel arrangements!

We have compiled a useful brochure where you will find information related to hotels, flights and transportation in the city, as well other useful information. These are just indications but should definitely help get your journey started!


IMPORTANT - Please do not contact the venue directly. More details will be announced on a regular basis, we recommend that attendees start with the travel preparations early in order to avoid increasing costs. For any question pertaining to the event, please message us via