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FFTCG Card Gamer Magazine Special

2020 10/header

Hello everyone,
Tarou Kageyama here, producer of FF TCG. I would like to introduce six cards from “Opus XII~ Crystal Awakening” which are being published in the latest issue Vol.54 of “Card Gamer”, a TCG specialty magazine published in Japan. Please take a look.

  • 12-008R   Goblin Princess

    This is a card from WOFF drawn by Yasuhisa Izumisawa. It is an exceptional card that can open up one Backup slot whilst you search for a Light Forward.
  • 12-020R   Ulmia

    A FFXI character drawn by Ryoma Ito. Ulmia is part of the expansion pack “The Chains of Promanthia.” Isn’t it great that Ulmia’s ability to increase base Power by +1000 does not just strengthen one, but all Ice Forwards?
  • 12-106R   Realm

    Just like Goblin Princess, this is a card drawn by Yasuhisa Izumisawa. Realm is one of the protagonists in FF VI. Realm has had many powerful cards up until now, and this time too she has another fun ability! Note that you also can choose your opponent’s Character.
  • 12-078L   Gilgamesh

    A lightning legend with three powerful abilities. Gilgamesh is good at removing cards, and although Characters are limited, Gilgamesh can be put from the deck directly onto the Field. Gilgamesh is the perfect card.
  • 12-117R   Iris

    If you take CP from two Wind or two Earth element Backup cards, the cost will be virtually 0!  Iris’ abilities can be used for both offense and defence, making her a great card to spice up any Wind or Earth deck.
  • 12-123R   Urianger

    Urianger may be a card that is used in decks loaded with Monsters, but Urianger can contribute greatly by turning the tide on the Field in your favour! As the element of Monsters you put on the Field does not matter, this is a card that can be widely built into decks.