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Events 2019-02-11 08:00:00

FFTCG 2019 Crystal Cups - Storage Boxes and Playmats

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Last year's Crystal Cups each had their own FINAL FANTASY character representing it, and an exclusive collectible storage box to go along with them. This year, with Crystal Cups happening all over the world, each event has a brand new character representing it, based on the event's element, and a storage box to go along with it!

Check out each one!

Not only will attendees receive a storage box featuring the event's character, but there will also be playmats as prizing featuring the characters as well! Now the top players of each event can show off with their exclusive playmat!

We hope you're excited for this year's Crystal Cups and these exclusive event items. Good luck trying to get your favorite character playmat!

More Crystal Cup news will come as soon as it is available. Please stay posted!