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Emissaries of Light Card of the Week - Zidane

Zidane from DFF Arcade

Hey everyone, Richelle here with another Card of the Week article for Emissaries of Light. This will be my last reveal for this round of articles, and I wanted to close out with an H Rarity card with a character known for having very playable H Rarity cards, Zidane!

Let’s take a look.

Zidane 16-048H

Zidane [16-048H] is a 2 CP Wind element Forward with 5000 power, Jobs “Tantalus Member” and “Thief”, from categories DFF and IX. Zidane has two auto abilities, the first reads: “When Zidane enters the field or attacks, your opponent removes the top card of their deck from the game. You can cast it as though you owned it at any time you could normally cast it. The cost for casting it can be paid using CP of any Element.” And its second auto ability reads: “When Zidane enters the field, if you have cast 3 or more cards this turn, Zidane gains Haste until the end of the turn.”

So, while Zidane has low power, he’s an excellent addition to Wind decks allowing him to steal your opponent’s cards from their deck to use whenever you might need. Additionally, despite his low power, you have the opportunity to use your opponent’s cards against them while Zidane is attacking to clear the way for his attack to be successful. To be specific, I’d like to mention decks that focus on playing 3-5 cards during each turn, using card draw or effects that return your own cards to your hand to trigger effects like Zidane’s Haste.

Bismarck, Lord of the Mists [14-042L] and Althea [12-038H] are natural allies to Zidane’s game plan, giving us more resources to replay cards each turn. Thanks to Zidane’s haste, it’s also not bad to use cards like those to return Zidane to your hand and replay him as your third card in a turn. Cards like Ochu [13-037C] and Asura [2-049H] can be cast while activating your Backups, allowing you to add card casts to your turn without using up all of your resources.

One final Wind card that has exceptional synergy with Zidane is Rosa [14-057H]. On your third card cast, she’ll activate your Backups, allowing you to cast the cards Zidane steals right away, which would trigger Rosa’s second ability, giving you a chance to play the top card of your deck for free. These two cards together can make for some intense turns.

A popular deck archetype using cards like these is Ice/Wind, using Multi-Element cards like Rikku [12-115C] and Locke [12-116L]. Rikku [12-115C] is similar to Ochu [13-037C] in that she activates your Backups after she’s cast, while Locke [12-116L] costs less the more cards you’ve played, going from 8CP to 2CP once you’ve cast 3 cards. While Locke [12-116L] plays into the deck’s theme, Zidane [16-048H] can help bring you closer to triggering effects like his with the cards he steals.

Fans of this archetype are sure to love adding Zidane [16-048H] to their deck, as he fits in so naturally. There are plenty of other card examples and Element combinations, so we hope you’re looking forward to the ways you might use him in your own decks!

Next week, Kageyama-san will show off a familiar protagonist with a fire inside, even though said protagonist hasn't given up their icy cool demeanor. Is that too obvious...? ...Whatever.

Until next time!