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Card of the week 2023-06-29 17:00:00

Dawn of Heroes – Card of the Week Tifa [20-077L]

image depicting Tifa for desktop

Hey everyone, Richelle here with another Dawn of Heroes Card of the Week. This week, I’m sharing a card featuring one of my (and a lot of fans’) favorite FINAL FANTASY characters, Tifa. Now, there have been quite a few Tifa cards in the past, but this one features a fairly unique design, both with card text and her outfit, with this illustration by Roberto Ferrari!

Let’s take a look.

Card depicting Tifa

Tifa [20-077L] is a 1 CP Earth Forward with 9000 power from Category VII with Job AVALANCHE Operative. She has Brave, a field ability that reads “Tifa cannot become dull by your opponent’s Summons or abilities”, an auto ability that reads “When Tifa enters the field, discard 2 cards”, and an action ability that costs 2 CP and reads “Tifa can attack once more this turn. You can only pay with CP produced by Backups to use this ability.”

All around, Tifa [20-077L] can be a really solid forward, with the minor drawback of her auto ability discarding cards from your hand. If you play Tifa when she’s the last card in your hand, she’ll truly cost 1 CP, but in FFTCG, having an empty hand can be extremely risky, so you’ll want to make sure she can attack right away if you go that route. Barret [14-121L] gives your AVALANCHE Operative Forwards Haste, and given his ability to return an AVALANCHE Operative from your Break Zone to your hand, Barret can sneak Tifa in from the Break Zone, and if you’re on 5 backups, immediately get in 3 extra attacks. If you don’t want to go a full AVALANCHE Operative route, Zangan [1-188S] can search for Tifa and give her Haste. In both cases, you’re looking at an Earth/Fire deck.

Another possibility is including Tifa [20-077L] in a deck with Wind cards to activate your Backups and get more attacks in. Monsters like Evrae [19-038R] and Atomos [16-043H] could help Tifa get up to 6 attacks in from utilizing each of their abilities, meaning with a clear path, Tifa is a lethal threat. Bartz [12-052H] can also give her Haste in a Wind deck, and Stiltzkin [13-043C] can search her out if Bartz isn’t ready to yet, so I hope you’ll consider her for a Wind deck.

What do you think? Are you excited to give Tifa a shot? I can’t wait to see what decks might include her in the future. Next time, Kageyama-san will share an enemy of Tifa along with some of their entourage.

Until next time!