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Card of the week 2023-09-28 17:00:00

Beyond Destiny - Card of the Week - Neo Exdeath [21-074L]

Card featuring Neo Exdeath

Hello everyone! This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. It’s time for another Card of the Week to introduce a highlight from Beyond Destiny, our latest booster pack which is scheduled to be released on November 17th. As noted in my closing statement for the previous article, today we have a last boss from one of the mainline titles. Allow me to introduce Neo Exdeath [21-074L] from FINAL FANTASY V!

Featuring Mr. Yoshitaka Amano’s illustration, Neo Exdeath [21-074L] is an Earth element Forward that is cost 8, and boasts a power of 10000 which ties with the highest power ever in all of the cards that have been released thus far. Neo Exdeath [21-074L] has a cost and power that are out of the ordinary, but its ability is extremely straightforward. And much like most abilities that are straightforward, it has a powerful effect. Let’s take a look at the text on the card.

The first ability is a typical field ability which rules that Neo Exdeath [21-074L] will be treated as [Card Name Exdeath] in all situations. In other words, you will not be able to have other “Exdeath” cards enter the field with Neo Exdeath [21-074L]. On the flip side, Neo Exdeath [21-074L] can be used as the cost for Exdeath [3-100L] and Exdeath [14-080R]’s special abilities. By the way, if the first ability gets negated from some form of effect, another “Exdeath” card can enter the field. The second ability is the Brave trait. It goes without saying, but a high-powered forward having Brave is nothing but a major threat to your opponent.

The third is an auto ability, which is also the key ability of this card. This incredible ability reads, “When Neo Exdeath enters the field, choose 2 Backups you control. Remove them, and all the Forwards and Monsters opponent controls from the game.” This ability allows you to destroy your opponent’s front line with just 2 Backups, and on top of that, it does not give any impact to your Forwards whatsoever. It offers a “reset button” so powerful that even puts Shantotto [1-107L] to shame.

Furthermore, losing 2 Backups does not mean that it only has disadvantages. By activating this effect and removing Backups that does its job the moment it enters the field (like Shantotto [1-107L] that was mentioned earlier), it makes it easier to put more cards into the field. You can also utilize this ability to make more space if you already have 5 Backups in the field.

Neo Exdeath [21-074L] is an outstanding Forward that brings a dreadful ability when entering the field, and continues to take control over the battle with its tremendous power and Brave. It’s a Forward that is truly an embodiment of the phrase “might is right”, so we may see a lot of players use this card in the tournament scene. I’m excited to see players building decks that include this card.

For our next article, we’ll introduce a Light element Legend. Stay tuned for this, as it is a character that has an ability that is dependent on the composition of the deck!