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Card of the week 2021-10-28 19:29:00

Crystal Dominion Card of the Week - Vaan

Vaan from FINAL FANTASY XII Revenant Wings

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the Crystal Dominion Card of the Week reveals. The latest set will release in about a month, but until then, please continue to indulge in these articles! Now, let’s get started.

This week is Vaan [15-044L] – a Wind Legend card. Sky Pirate may be the first thing that comes to mind for many of you upon hearing his name, and we already revealed two Sky Pirates—Kytes [15-047R] and Penelo [15-115H]—from Crystal Dominion, so I’m thinking this is something you may have been looking for.

Vaan from Revenant Wings

Vaan [15-044L]’s abilities are unrelated to “Crystals” which have been the highlight feature from this set, but even so, they should grab many people’s attention. Vaan has three abilities. This first reads: The Job Sky Pirate Forwards other than Vaan you control gain “This Forward cannot be blocked by a Forward of cost 3 or more.” This allows you to apply a very simple yet powerful ability to your Sky Pirates. Unfortunately, Vaan [15-044] will not benefit from his own ability here, but I think the ability is still powerful enough. In most cases, your Sky Pirates’ attacks should be unstoppable. Of course, there are Forwards with 2CP or less that excel in battles, and you can’t underestimate the power of a 2CP Multi-Element Forward, but those also have their limitations... especially if Penelo [15-115H] is on standby to reduce an opposing Forward’s power by 3000. The Sky Pirates’ attacks will inflict damage on the opposing player in interesting ways.

Kytes from Revenant Wings Penelo from Revenant Wings

Additionally, Vaan [15-044L] has two auto abilities, and the existence of Job Sky Pirate cards will impact both. The first auto ability entails the following: When Vaan enters the field, you can activate all the Job Sky Pirates you control by paying 1 Wind CP. There are also Job Sky Pirates that are Backups, such as Fran [9-055C], so generating CP from those would essentially reduce the cost for Vaan [15-044L]. If you also generate the CP needed for additional Wind element cards from Job Sky Pirate Backups, it’s essentially the same as not paying.

The second auto ability also triggers when Vaan [15-044L] enters the field, but this allows you to pay 1 Water CP to choose a Forward that will lose 2000 power for each Job Sky Pirate you control until the end of the turn. Since you control Vaan [15-044L], that will allow you to reduce a card’s power by at least 2000, but in actuality, you should have 3 or 4 Job Sky Pirates in control when you place Vaan [15-044L] on the field, so you may be able to defeat a Forward with up to 6000~8000 power. This also effects Forwards that don’t take damage, so that’s also a delight. Incidentally, both auto abilities activate at the same time, so with something like Tomaj [10-118R], a Water element card, you could activate it with the auto ability after generating the cost to cast Vaan [15-044L] and generate the cost to trigger the ability that reduces power.

Job Sky Pirate is concentrated around the Wind and Water elements, as well as Category XII, so it’s a relatively easy Job to build a deck around. We’d love for you to give it a try. Next, Richelle will be back to introduce an Ice element card—a courageous female character.

And I’ll leave you at that for this week!