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Card of the week 2021-10-14 18:01:53

Crystal Dominion Card of the Week: Nyx


Hi everyone, Richelle here! It’s great to be doing Card of the Week again for the next set, Crystal Dominion. The first card I’d like to talk about comes from KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV, Nyx [15-094L].

Now, we’ve seen Nyx Ulric before with Nyx [11-097H]. Both play with the concept of Job Kingsglaive characters going to your Break Zone. However, while the Opus XI Nyx sends the characters to your Break Zone as part of his ability, this newer Nyx removes the characters from your Break Zone as payment for his two action abilities. We’ve already seen how using your Break Zone as a resource to pay for abilities can be incredibly strong with a character like Machérie [14-116H], so I’m excited that we’re continuing to explore that type of ability cost with Nyx [15-094L].

Let’s take a look at the card!

Nyx 15-094L

Nyx [15-094L] is a 3 CP Lightning Forward with 7000 power and Job Kingsglaive from Category XV. He has two action abilities which read: “Remove 1 Job Kingsglaive in the Break Zone from the game: Until the end of the turn, Nyx gains +1000 power, First Strike and “Nyx cannot be chosen by your opponent’s abilities.”” and “Remove 5 Job Kingsglaive in the Break Zone from the game: Search for 1 Category XV Forward of cost 5 or less and play it onto the field.”

With the option to use your Kingsglaive Characters to protect Nyx or get more Category XV Forwards out onto the field from your deck, Nyx is an absolute force. The character I would want to include alongside Nyx that IMMEDIATELY comes to mind when reading Nyx’s second ability, is Regis [12-122L], giving the Earth/Lightning XV deck a major boost. When you have Nyx and a Break Zone full of Kingsglaive Characters, your opponent will want to try to remove Nyx specifically to avoid Regis bringing back any other Forwards you may have in play, but his built-in protection means they’ll need to do it with Summons or abilities that don’t choose, otherwise Nyx isn’t going anywhere. Additionally, given the threat of First Strike and increasing his power, he should theoretically be a risk to block or swing into.

Regis and the Kingsglaive aside, another character who came to mind when looking at Nyx is a little less straightforward, but still something to consider: Verstael [11-023H]. The character has seen some popularity lately in community-run events, with great results to boot. While Nyx falls short of the target CP cost that Verstael is aiming for, Libertus [11-102C] doesn’t. It may be tricky to think up what the exact list could look like to mix Kingsglaive Characters and Verstael, but it may be worth considering!

All-in-all, Nyx [15-094L] is a versatile and threatening forward when paired up with a team of Kingsglaive companions. That said, there aren’t too many right now, huh? Guess we’ll have to do something about that. Look forward to even more Kingsglaive Characters in Crystal Dominion!

Next time, Kageyama-san will introduce a card that deals with a character growing in size!

Until next time!