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Card of the week 2023-10-26 17:00:00

Beyond Destiny - Card of the Week - Ultimecia [21-023L]

Ultimecia Final Fantasy XIII Card

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG, and this is the last installment of the Card of the Week series for the booster pack "Beyond Destiny", which goes on sale on November 17. Thank you very much for being with us thus far. This time we will be introducing Ultimecia [21-023L], the final boss of FINAL FANTASY VIII. Please enjoy her card artwork and her abilities as an Ice Legend!

Ultimecia [21-023L] is a Category VIII, Job Witch Forward with a CP cost of 5, and a power of 9000. Simple and powerful, she has a field ability which reads "Ultimecia cannot be chosen by your opponent's Summons", and with this, even powerful Summons such as Alexander [19-035R], Madeen [19-104H], and Ark [19-105H] will be kept at bay. Of course, it cannot be used against character abilities or any type of Summon that does not choose a character, but the chances of her being removed should still be much lower, thanks to this ability.

She also has another auto ability that activates when it enters the field. This one is a rather quirky ability. The effect reads, "When Ultimecia enters the field, remove up to 5 Characters of cost 5 or more in your Break Zone from the game. When you remove 1 or more cards, choose the same number of Characters as the cards you removed this way. Dull them and Freeze them. Your opponent discards 1 card."

When she enters the field, 5 Character cards with a cost of 5 or more are removed from the Break Zone, and then the same number of characters are made Dull and Frozen, and 1 card from the opponent is discarded. It's not an exaggeration to say that one card does the job, and if you can remove five cards, it can be enough to end the game. You can also Dull and Freeze all the Backups, or you can choose a Forward to go through with your attack. Of course, since you can choose Forwards and Backups together, you will be able to prioritize containing the strongest parts of your opponent. The fact that only characters with a cost of 5 or more can be excluded from the Break Zone is a slight drawback, but it might be interesting to try build a deck with a focus on characters with a cost of 5 or more. In the past, there have been decks built around Verstael [11-023H], focusing on characters with a cost of 5 or more, and I encourage you to also try building an amazing deck using Ultimecia [21-023L].

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning, this is the last installment of Card of the Week series for "Beyond Destiny". See you again in the next series, "Hidden Hope". Enjoy FFTCG!