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Producer's blog 2019-11-15 18:14:29

Additional Opus X Card Clarifications

Hello everyone! FFTCG Producer Kageyama here. Have you already tried playing Opus X: Ancient Champions? Plenty of different, new types of abilities and effects have been included, from cards that strengthen existing decks, to cards that seem as though they’ll be central to new types, so please use them to construct your decks and try participating in tournaments with them. The article this week is meant to help you along your way as you do so. I’ll be introducing 2 cards that you should be careful about in Opus X. Major tournaments, like Worlds on November 23rd and 24th, are starting in various locations in the new environment, so please make sure to take a look.

■Sakura [10-092C]

 This card appears as though its ability might trigger at a timing that is similar to Onion Knight [1-125R]. As such, it may seem as though playing her onto the field using cards like Al-Cid [2-097H], Phoenix [3-020H], or Phoenix [5-019L] would deal damage to your opponent’s Forward, and you would then be able to draw 2 cards. In particular, Al-Cid [2-097H] also has the same element as her, so maybe some people were thinking that they’d like to create a deck like that. However, these cards will not trigger Sakura [10-092C]’s ability.

 What’s different from Onion Knight [1-125R] is that Sakura [10-092C]’s ability includes the condition of there being a damaged Forward. The abilities that are written on a card are resolved in the order that they are written, so when she is played onto the field when Al-Cid [2-097H] enters the field, or through either of the two types of Phoenix Summons, your opponent’s Forward will not have received damage yet at that point. Therefore, you cannot draw the cards.

 Cards like Sakura that have the “when ___, if ___, do ___” wording work in this manner. Additionally, conditions are constantly checked even while the effects of something are being resolved, so please take note of that point as well.

■Feolthanos [10-098L] and Diabolos [5-062L]

 Feolthanos [10-098L] forces your opponent to choose Feolthanos [10-098L] with their abilities or summons of cost 5 or less and also cancels their effects. In that case, does a Summon like Diabolos [5-062L], which allows you to select actions, also always have to use an action that chooses Feolthanos [10-098L]? The answer is no. Diabolos [5-062L] has 4 actions. If you were to use the action that says, “Choose 1 Forward of cost 5 or more. Break it,” then you would have to choose Feolthanos [10-098L]. However, it’s not absolutely necessary that you select that action. For example, if you were to select the actions that say, “Activate all Forwards you control” and “Activate all the Backups you control,” then the effects of those actions would not be cancelled by Feolthanos [10-098L]. However, for the actions that call for choosing a Forward, you must choose Feolthanos [10-098L] if possible. If you were to use Glasya Labolas [5-032H]’s actions that say, “Choose 1 Forward. Dull it” or “Choose 1 Forward. Freeze it,” then you must choose Feolthanos [10-098L] for both.

Well then, everyone, please enjoy the tournaments in the new Opus X environment!