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Card of the week 2022-10-27 17:16:23

Resurgence of Power Card of the Week - Teodor

Teodor from Final Fantasy XI

Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here! We’re introducing a card from the newest booster pack "Resurgence of Power” which will be released on December 9.

 This time, I have a whole lot to tell you about the card, as it is newly drawn, legendary, and has a new keyword ability. Let's get started by introducing the cards. I would like to introduce Teodor [18-026L] from "FINAL FANTASY XI". He is a man of great wisdom and chivalry, but with a big secret. We have kept this information under wraps so as not to spoil it in "FFTCG," so if you are interested, please see for yourself in the main game.

 Teodor [18-026L] was drawn by Fumio Minagawa, who also drew Dancer [17-043H] and Scholar [17-023H] for the previous booster pack, "Rebellion’s Call". Since the cards are newly drawn, full art cards are also available. Please take a look at them here. This illustration is connected to some of the other newly drawn cards that will appear in this set, so please look forward to them as well.

Teodor 18-026L Teodor 18-026L Full Art

 Now, let's look at how the card plays. The CP cost is quite high, 9, and the power is only 7,000, which is way off curve for a card at that cost. In these cases, the abilities are often powerful, so let's look at the card text. Here we suddenly see an unfamiliar keyword: "Warp". Let's start with a detailed explanation of "Warp.”

 “Warp” is usable when the character is in your hand. Instead of a normal cast, you pay the cost written after the Warp keyword, so, in the case of Teodor [18-026L], 2 Ice CP. If you do so, the character is removed from the game with the same number of Warp counters on it as the number written alongside "Warp ". Teodor [18-026L] will be removed from the game with two Warp counters on him.

 Then, these counters are removed one by one at the beginning of your 1st main phase. And when the last counter is removed, the character enters the field. In the case of Teodor [18-026L] two counters are placed, so he will enter the field on the second turn after the turn in which he is excluded. Although delayed by two turns, a 9CP character can enter the field for the low CP cost of 2 Ice, which is an exceptional feat.

 However, there is a caveat to “Warp”. Removing the Warp counters and having the character take the field immediately after all of them are removed means all are stacked in auto ability status. This means that your opponent can counter as necessary. If Amaterasu [12-002H] is used to disable the auto ability cast on the stacks within the field immediately after removing the last counter, it cannot come onto the field thereafter as there are no counters to remove, and the character will remain excluded from the game. It is a powerful ability, but it is important to keep this weakness in mind when using it.

 Now that we know what kind of effect “Warp” is, let's take another look at Teodor [18-026L]’s abilities. In addition to "Warp," Teodor [18-026L] has one field ability and two auto abilities. The field ability is "If your opponent has two or fewer cards in hand, Teodor's power is +2000 and he gains haste and first strike." Even on the turn he enters the field with "Warp," he can attack as long as he has Haste, and can compensate for the time lag before it activates to some extent. However, even though the Ice attribute specializes in making the player discard their hand, the opponent may want to hold off on voluntarily reducing their hand size if it’s certain that Teodor will appear two turns ahead.

 This is where the two auto abilities come in handy: The first is "When Teodor enters the field, your opponent discards two cards from their hand," which greatly helps to fulfill the conditions for achieving his field ability. The other is "When Teodor enters the field with Warp, your opponent discards one card from their hand." This is designed in line with the functions of "Warp". With these two auto abilities, you can make the opponent discard a combined total of three cards in their hand. Basically, your opponent almost never has 6 or more cards in their hand during your turn, so these two auto abilities are likely to fulfill the requirements for Teodor [18-026L]’s field ability. 

What do you think? Will Teodor [18-026L] and "Warp" be the center of your new strategy? We hope you’ll take up the challenge. Next week it will be Tim's turn. Please stay tuned.