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Card of the week 2022-11-24 16:57:23

Resurgence of Power Card of the Week - Galuf

Card of the Week Banner - Galuf

Hi everyone, it’s Tim again – with my next Card of the Week-Article and hopefully without a mistake this time :D 

Today I will present a card from the newest booster pack "Resurgence of Power” which will be released on December 9, so let me introduce a new Earth Legendary Card!

It comes with a beautiful illustration from Yukihiro Kajimoto and it’s time to welcome a Dawn Warrior that will complete the squad from Rebellion’s Call;

As you can see, Galuf is a 4CP Forward with 8000 power (quite common for a 4CP Forward). He has Brave and reads “When Galuf attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it damage equal to Galuf’s power.” This effect will allow him to deal damage to Forwards your opponent controls when he attacks, so you don’t want to miss an occasion to declare an attack with him as soon as you can! So he can start destroying your opponent’s Forwards and still protects you from taking damages.

In addition (and probably the reason why your opponent don’t want to block him or get blocked), he has an action ability, that allows him to gain power. By removing 3 cards from your Break Zone, he will gain +3000 which is a considerable increase. By doing so, you might protect him from a kill, or allow him to kill Forwards with a large amount of power. You don’t need to fear to be blocked because no Forward can easily face him during a combat. So stay on the lookout for Mist Dragon (9-068H).

And to complete this set of abilities, he has a field ability that will grant Galuf +3000 when you are at Damage 3. At this stage, an 11000 power Brave Forward for 4CP is very threatening.

There is not much support yet for Dawn Warriors or FFV, but I am sure Galuf can find a space in every Earth Deck.

Maybe Kirin (16-070L) or Kelger (7-049H) will help you to play him more quickly and speaking of Earth/Wind, there is a Wind card that you might want to play with Galuf because it allows him to attack twice in the same turn, and that could mean that you can break 2 Forwards – Chelinka (11-049R).

The main weakness of Galuf is that he does not have Haste while his effect of dealing damage equal to his power requires him to attack. To benefit from this effect, he needs to be alive for a whole turn or you need to give him Haste, which can be done in several ways in combination with Fire or Lightning cards. But even if you cannot give Haste to Galuf, Earth is generally quite good in protecting cards to make him survive as many turns as possible. As his own Ability might protect him from “normal Damage”, he cannot survive effects that break him directly such as Odin (13-072R) or Cards that can deal with him in other ways – e.g. our O.P. Promo card for November: Typhoon (14-049H).

What are your thoughts ? Does Galuf deserve a spot in your Deck? Will you try to attack your opponent and destroy his Forwards at the same time?

As this was our final Card of the Week Article, we hope that you enjoyed the series and that you are as excited as we are about the Resurgence of Power-Release!
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Until next time & stay tuned for a Special Announcement soon.