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Opus XII Card of the Week - Galuf

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Hello everyone! At last, the time has come for Card of the Week. I hope you’ve been having fun with these Opus XII: Crystal Awakening articles, which RB, Tim, and I are now bringing to you in a significantly powered-up, three-person formation. It looks like it’s my turn this time. I hope you’ll sit tight until the end.

The card I’m introducing this time is Galuf [12-056H], who appears in FINAL FANTASY V. A portion of Opus XII’s cards have been created with strong references to the original games, so I’d like to start by talking about that aspect first.

Galuf [12-056H] has three abilities. The first of these is an ability intended as a reference to the original title, and it reads: “During each Attack Phase, Galuf cannot be broken.” In the game, Galuf faces off in a one-on-one battle with his long-time enemy, Exdeath, in order to protect Bartz and Krile. During this fight, Galuf’s HP reaching zero doesn’t mean it’s game over, and it doesn’t stop him from continuing to stand off against Exdeath. Just seeing Galuf refuse to fall before Exdeath despite being hit with so many powerful magic and skills is enough to bring tears to our eyes, and this ability recreates that scene. Ruling-wise, he cannot be broken during the Attack Phase, no matter what effects come into play. He cannot be broken by taking damage while blocking or being blocked, and using a Summon like Odin [1-123R] as a means of breaking him directly isn’t possible during the Attack Phase, either. You can choose him, but you cannot break him. An EX Burst can’t defeat him, either. This ability is a field ability, so its effect is always active. It’s important to note how this would differ from Illua [5-099H]’s auto ability, for example. 

At first glance, you may feel that this ability could mean that as long as you used him as a blocker, he would be invincible. However, what we want to be careful about is that it’s only during the Attack Phase that he cannot be broken. We should also note that if he does take any damage, that damage will stay with him until the end of that turn. This means that if Galuf [12-056H] were to receive damage in excess of his own power during the Attack Phase, then when the rules processes are checked at the beginning of Main Phase 2, Galuf [12-056H] would end up being broken. Regardless of whether you’re the one using him or if he’s being used against you, this is an important point to keep in mind.

The second of his abilities is an auto-ability that triggers only when you’ve already taken at least three points of damage. When Galuf [12-056H] is put from the field onto the Break Zone, you may search for 1 Earth Forward of cost 2 or less and play it directly onto the field. There are an impressive 32 kinds of Earth Forwards of cost 2 or less released so far, all the way through Opus XI. And it goes without saying that Opus XII, where Galuf [12-056H] can be found, features Forwards fitting this description as well. It’s an ability that leaves you with a lot of options and that we can look forward to seeing shine.

Finally, his third ability is a special ability. This one can only be used if Galuf [12-056H] has received damage this turn, so it’s not as convenient, but the power of its effects makes up for that. He gains +10000 power, and on top of that, he is activated and can attack one additional time. If, in response to an attack by Galuf [12-056H], you block using a Forward with high power, then at that point Galuf [12-056H] will have received damage, and your opponent may choose to fulfill the rest of the requirements to use his special ability. If this was an isolated incident, it might not be a huge loss for you, but the Earth Element includes several cards that put Forwards from the Break Zone into your hand. Imagine your opponent using those cards to unleash this ability on you repeatedly and in rapid succession… I think this card lets you live out the fantasy of a heroic last stand, wouldn’t you say?

Cards with good synergy

As usual, before we wrap things up, let’s move on to look at some cards that would work well with this one. First, let’s talk about which Forward to bring in using his second ability. This Forward would be played directly onto the field, after all, so it seems like a great place for cards like Prishe [10-081R] and Serafie [1-109R] to shine, both of which possess auto-abilities that trigger upon entering the field. However, these two cards are partially dependent on deck structure, so they would require some planning. Also, in terms of referencing the original game, Krile [3-078H] might be a cool choice as well.

If we’re focusing on his special ability, then Cactuar [4-058C] and Hecatoncheir [4-093R] would work well, letting Galuf take damage at your own discretion. This card would have excellent synergy with Hecatoncheir [4-093R] in particular because it raises the likelihood that you can achieve a scenario where you break one of your opponent’s Forwards while simultaneously enabling yourself to use that special ability. However, if you’re looking to add some more flair, then Shantotto [4-083L]’s Colossal Shantotto could make for an impressive combo, sweeping your opponent’s Forwards while enabling Galuf [12-056H] to attack multiple times.

So, what are your thoughts about Galuf [12-056H]? I hope you’ll make great use of this brave veteran soldier and let him shine. Next week, RB will introduce two cards together as a set. I wonder what sort of duo will be joining us. See you then!