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Card of the week 2023-03-09 17:59:29

From Nightmares Card of the Week - Y'shtola

Y'shtola from DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT

Hello everyone, FFTCG Producer Tarou Kageyama here. This will be the last Card of the Week for “From Nightmares”. Time flies, but this also means that the pre-release party and the official release date is coming right up, so I am excited to see everyone get new cards. Now, allow me to present the Card of the Week. This is Y’shtola [19-124L], a Lightning/Fire Multi-Element Legend!

Y'shtola 19-124L

As expected from a Multi-Element Forward, Y’shtola [19-124L] has 8000 power against 3CP, which is a bit on the higher side. She has 2 abilities in total: an auto ability that triggers when she enters the field, and another auto ability that triggers when either player takes damage.

The auto ability that triggers when she enters the field reads, “When Y'shtola enters the field, you may receive 1 point of damage. When you do so, until the end of the turn, Y'shtola gains Haste and ‘Y'shtola cannot be blocked.’” This is the type of ability that grants a powerful effect in exchange of taking a damage. For Y'shtola, since she receives the benefit of Haste and not getting blocked, it ultimately becomes an ability that can give 1 point of damage to you and your opponent. In that sense, it feels like you’re trading two things of equal value, but depending on the situation, this ability can work very powerfully. For example, what if your opponent had taken 6 points of damage? Or, what if you have a lot of Forwards with Damage-type abilities in your deck? What if you know that the card on the top of your deck has an effective EX Burst? …As you can see, although both players will take damage, generally there are a lot of situations where the player that proactively takes a damage from Y’shtola [19-124L] benefits.

This ability gets further enhanced from the second auto ability, which reads, “When either player receives a point of damage, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Deal it 4000 damage.” So, when you take damage from the first auto ability, you can deal 4000 damage with this one. If you then deal damage to your opponent with Y’shtola’s attack, you can stack another 4000 damage. Although it’s divided into 2, I would say that being able to deal 8000 damage in total poses a fair amount of threat. This ability can also influence the situation of the battle by itself. When you are attacking, it gives a significant impact to your opponent’s decision to block or not. (If your opponent is only controlling a Forward with 4000 power or less, they will most definitely block.) Conversely, when your opponent is the one that’s attacking, they will have to be aware of the 4000 damage from Y’shtola and keep it in mind at all times. Although these 2 abilities interact with each other and exhibit powerful effects, each are powerful enough on their own.

So, what do you think? Will Y’shtola [19-124L] have a place in your deck? We hope you enjoyed the cards that were introduced during these articles, and look forward to seeing all of the cards soon. Please level up your decks with the cards from “From Nightmares”!