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FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME Anniversary Collection Set 2024

ASC 2024 key art

As the winds of time sweep us into the next chapter of the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME (FFTCG), we’re incredibly excited to share with you the upcoming release of the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME Anniversary Collection Set 2024. Echoing the success of its predecessor, the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Collection Set 2023, this upcoming collection is set to excite and delight fans in the world of FFTCG once again.

Just as adventurers seek treasures in the realm of FINAL FANTASY, collectors and players alike will find themselves drawn to the Anniversary Collection Set 2024. Housed in an outer package that doubles as a medium-sized storage box, this set boasts a curated selection of 253 cards, forming a rich tapestry woven from the long history of FFTCG.

Front and center is a lovingly crafted 50-card pre-constructed deck, ready to be wielded in battles across the gaming table. This deck includes 41 re-issued cards, accompanied by 9 (3 x 3 types) all-new PR cards. 1 of each of these PR cards graces the collection with beautiful new artwork to excite players and collectors alike.

Venturing further into the set's treasure trove, players will unearth 200 re-issued cards pulled from Opus I all the way up to "Resurgence of Power." This comprehensive selection guarantees that whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, the pieces you need for your ultimate deck are at your fingertips. Amidst this gathering of cards there are also three commemorative Premium Full Art PR cards.

For those new to the world of FFTCG, the Anniversary Collection Set 2024 serves as a gateway to the realm of endless possibilities and strategic exploration. Likewise, veterans of the game will find their fires reignited by the all-new PR cards.

But the excitement doesn't stop there, the set includes two copies of 12 types of legendary cards, each type available in both a normal version and a full-art variant paying homage to the history of the game offering players and collectors the chance to relive their favorite moments.

The FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME Anniversary Collection Set 2024 is a celebration of the past, present, and future of FFTCG. With masses of cards spanning multiple editions, this collection transcends the tabletop; it's a journey through time and strategy, encapsulating the heart and soul of FINAL FANTASY.

Final Fantasy players mark your calendars for February 16, 2024, as FFTCG enthusiasts worldwide prepare to immerse themselves in this collection. Brace for battles, cherish memories, and create new legends - for the world of FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME is about to be reborn once more.

Release Date: Friday, February 16, 2024


  • Storage Box
  • 253 Cards
  • Quick starter guide
  • Reversible paper playmat

New PR cards

Commemorative PR Cards

  • [PR-158] Snow & Lightning (all premium full-art cards)
  • PR Cards in pre-made deck
  • [PR-155] Laguna x 3
  • [PR-156] Zack x 3
  • [PR-157] Aerith x3
  • One of each type is a premium full-art card

Reprint Legend Cards

  • [11-064L] Ursula
  • [12-116L] Locke
  • [12-119L] Y’shtola
  • [13-002L] Akstar
  • [13-028L] Physalis
  • [14-042L] Bismarck, Lord of the Mists
  • [14-102L] Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl
  • [14-122L] Al-Cid
  • [15-084L] Robel-Akbel
  • [16-088L] Black Waltz 3
  • [16-100L] Y’shtola
  • [18-100L] Lenna
  • 2x 12 types for a total of 24 cards. One of each type is a normal version full-art card
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