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Final Fantasy TCG - Upcoming Events 2020

2019 12/2020announce

Hey everyone!

We just arrived home from an amazing Winter Cup and looking back at 2019, this was a great year for FFTCG. 
The whole FFTCG-Team wishes you and your friends a great Christmas and a wonderful new year! 

But we also cannot wait for the next year and we hope you feel the same way. 
Let us look at the 2020 Tournament Structure for Europe. 

Like in 2019, there will be multiple ways to earn a qualification to the European Championship or World Championship 2020. 

Regionals, Nationals and the Leaderboard

Every Store can apply for up to two Regional Events at your local Distributor, up to a total maximum of 100 Regionals per area (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Benelux). On those events you can win Byes for the National Championships as well as the National Leaderboard. 


The minimum attendance for a Regional Event is 10 Player. Based on the number of players, there is a different amount of BYEs given out for the National Event. 

10 - 24 Players

25 - 32 Players

33 - 64 Players

65+ Players
Top 1 gets a BYE Top 2 gets a BYE Top 3 gets a BYE Top 4 gets a BYE

Please note: Different to 2019, a BYE will NOT pass down. And every Player can only have a total of max. 2 BYEs. 

Only Regional Events will provide points for the National Leaderboards. 

National Leaderboard

The National Leaderboard is an adaption of the Leaderboard we did in 2019, but we combined this with the Regionals to give everyone the same chances and avoid having too many Leaderboards. Also every area (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Benelux) will have their own Leaderboard this time with the same prices provided by us. 

The first place of every National Leaderboard will receive an invite to the European Championship 2019. 


The National Event (hosted by our local Distributors) will be an open event. Everyone can attend, but you can earn BYEs during the Regional Events. 
The Top X will qualify for the European Championship - see below table:

UK France Italy Germany Spain Benelux
Top 4 Top 4 Top 4 Top 3 Top 3 Top 2

As we are also expanding into Eastern Europe, there will be 1 more Slot allocated to an Eastern Europe National, but they will not have a Leaderboard this year. 

The Winner of those 6 Nationals (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Benelux) will receive two BYEs for the European Championship and also receives an invite to "The Playoff".

Grand Opens

We will continue our Partnership with and will participate on 4 Grand Open Events in 2020. 

  • 8./9. February - Grand Open Paris
  • 28./29. March - Grand Open Seville
  • 6./7. June - Grand Open Bologna 
  • 8./9. August - Grand Open Cologne

The Top 3 of every Grand Open will qualify for the European Championship.

And once more we will provide a Grand Open Leaderboard, where the Winner will qualify for the World Championship 2020 in Singapore directly. In addition, we will produce an exclusive Leaderboard Playmat for the Top 10 Players. 

Crystal Cups 

Different to 2019, there will be only 5 Crystal Cups in 2020:

  • 22./23. February - Crystal Cup - Spain
  • 14./15. March - Crystal Cup - UK
  • 16./17. May - Crystal Cup - Benelux
  • 27./28. June - Crystal Cup - Germany
  • 15./16. August - Crystal Cup - France

The Top 4 of every Crystal Cup will qualify for the European Championship and the Winner will win an invite to the World Championship 2020 in Singapore (with travel & accommodation sorted). 

Different to 2019, we have decided to change the Draft-bit from the Crystal Cups. Instead of drafting the current Opus-Set, we will Draft the FFTCG All Stars Draft Cube, developed by Masahiko Morita from Hobby Japan. This All Stars Cube contains a total count of 500 different cards (without any duplicates) and we will post the full list online as well as update it if needed. 

Last Chance Qualifier 

Friday, the day before the European Championship, we will host the Last Chance Qualifier with 4 more Invites to the European Championship and this Event is open for everyone. 

The Winner of the Last Chance Qualifier will also receive two BYEs for the European Championship and an invite to "The Playoff". 

Every Participant of the Last Chance Qualifier can participate on Side Activities on the European Championship.

The Playoff

The Playoff is a 8 Player K.O.-Tournament, where the Winner will qualify for the World Championship 2020 in Singapore. This event will take place shortly before the European Championship will start on Saturday as well as the first two rounds. 

Invited are the 6 National Champions, the Winner from the Last Chance Qualifier and the European Champion 2019. 

European Championship 

Different to the European Championship 2019, we have removed the Day 2 Invites and therefore reduced the total Player count to 64. 

The Top 3 will qualify for the World Championship 2020 in Singapore. 

Date: 26./27. September 
Location: not decided yet

We hope to see you all on many Events in 2020! <3