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Card of the week 2022-03-31 16:19:22

Emissaries of Light Card of the Week - Meia

Meia Keyart

Hey everyone, Tim again, with a my final Card of the Week article and a legendary spoiler – get ready for the new Meia, a Water Forward from Emissaries of Light.

The Card Meia with a gorgeous artwork

Meia [16-123L] is a 1 CP Water Forward with 7000  Power, the Job Amalthea, and like my previous Card of the Week, the Category is Mobius.

You might ask: 1 CP for 7000 Power? – Where is the downside?

Meia got Haste, cannot attack or block and reads:
Dull: Cast 1 Summon from your hand. The cost required to cast it is reduced by 3 and can be paid using CP of any Element (it cannot become 0). Remove that Summon from the game after use instead of putting it in the Break Zone.

So essentially, Meia turns herself into a Summon-casting Machine and opens up all elements for you.

Paying only 1 CP for Mind Flayer [15-120H] – no Problem! 1 CP for Alexander [15-043R/8-046R] to break a Forward of Cost 4 or more – no Problem! Or 1 CP for Phoenix [3-020H] to bring back your Krile [12-061L] to get even more Summons – no Problem at all!
I could go on and on - There are so many great Summons in the game, and Meia is not limiting this to any specific cost. It feels like you are getting a 6th Backup with 7000 Power (to give your opponent at least a chance to get rid of it), but this backup counts as 3 and can only be used for Summons!
And if you reactivate Meia, you can do the same again! Imagine using your 2 CP Diabolos [5-062L] to reactivate your Forwards instead of your Backup on top of Breaking a Forward of Cost 5 or more.

Of course its always a bit risky if you include Summons in your Deck of elements you don’t play otherwise, but it’s quite easy to get Meia out of your Deck and onto your field as there are plenty cards to help you with.

Diana [12-082R], Stiltzkin [13-043C] and Echo [10-047R] are all Backups that allow you to search for Meia. Bartz [12-052H] could search and directly play Meia and in case Meia is in your Break-Zone there are plenty tools to bring her back to field – especially various Lenna’s are a great help: like Lenna [15-126R], [3-144R], [12-109L], but also Thancred [12-124L], Leo [13-067L] or Wol [13-117R], to just name a few.
Seems like there are plenty opportunities to built a whole deck around Meia utilizing her abilities and this gives you tons of options to customize the deck with your needs or to add a couple of cards to deal with any other Top-Deck or archetype!

What are your ideas for this new card? Let us know your impressions at or or join our Discord servers to chat about all things Emissaries of Light!

As this is the final Emissaries of Light Spoiler, we cannot wait to show you the full set and hear about your thoughts – Stay tuned and until next time 😊