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Card of the week 2023-06-22 17:00:00

Dawn of Heroes – Card of the Week Yuna [20-117L]

Card depicting Yuna

Hello everyone. This is Tarou Kageyama, producer of FFTCG. This is the third Card of the Week from the Dawn of Heroes series. This time, I would like to introduce you to a popular character from FINAL FANTASY X, Yuna [20-117L]. On top of that, it is a card newly drawn by Isamu Kamikokuryou, so I think many people will be very pleased with this card. To begin, please take a look at the card illustration as usual. 

This is the first time an illustration of Yuna has been newly drawn for FFTCG. There's no doubt that the illustration, drawn with Kamikokuryou-san's masterful style, will be one of the popular cards in the collection. For cards featuring the artist's original artwork, I believe the full-art version is always more beautiful, and Yuna is no exception to this rule, making the full-art version of this card a must-have for collectors.

After looking at the illustration, let's take a look at the card's abilities as an FFTCG card, as usual. Yuna [20-117L] is a cost 5, 8000 power Water Forward with the familiar Job Summoner. She has two auto abilities and one special ability.
The first auto ability is a passive ability that activates “when Yuna is chosen by an opponent's ability", and it can be used to negate the effect of that ability by discarding a Summon. Since there are no restrictions, such as once per turn, if Yuna [20-117L]'s controller has more than a certain amount of cards in hand, it would be quite a gamble to try to do something to Yuna [20-117L] with a Forward-select type ability.

The second auto ability is "When you cast a Summon, draw 1 card. This effect will trigger only once per turn," which is simple and powerful. In this game, a card can be converted to 2 CP, which means that the cost of the Summon you cast is essentially reduced by 2. It only activates once per turn, but it is an effect that should have that kind of restriction.

The special ability "Holy” has the effect, "Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 3000 damage for each Summon in your Break Zone." Due to the effect of the ability that Yuna [20-117L] has, I think the card will be in a deck with a lot of Summons, so by the time you can use it, there will be 3-4 Summons in the Break Zone in no time. With that, it is likely to be able to do about 9000 damage at any time.

It could be a new part of a Summoner deck that uses Rydia [19-068R] and Garnet [19-120C], and depending on the cards included in Dawn of Heroes, a new type of deck may emerge with Yuna [20-117L] as its core. Please try using it next time.

Next week, Richelle will introduce another popular female character. Please stay tuned!