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Karte der Woche 2022-07-20 17:03:30

Rebellion's Call Card of the Week - Edgar

Edgar from Final Fantasy VI

Hello everyone, Richelle here with my last Card of the Week reveal for Rebellion’s Call! I’m really excited about this one, because it’s a Legend of my first FINAL FANTASY favorite character when I was introduced to FINAL FANTASY VI on the SNES in the 1990s, the King of Figaro, Edgar Roni Figaro!

Let’s take a look!

Edgar 17-002L

Edgar [17-002L] is a 5CP Fire Forward from category VI with Job King and 7000 power. He has an auto ability that reads, “When Edgar enters the field, choose up to 2 Category VI Forwards other than Card Name Edgar in your Break Zone. Add them to your hand.” He also has an action ability that costs 0 and reads, “Choose 1 Category VI Forward of cost 3 or more you control. The next time you use its special ability this turn, you can do so without paying [S]. You can only use this ability during your turn and only once per turn.”

So, just like Glaciela Wezette [17-113L], Edgar funds Special abilities of characters from his category without requiring same named cards. However, UNLIKE Glaciela, it’s entirely free with the only restriction being that it’s once per turn. On top of that, with his auto ability, you can not only set up characters to bring back, but considering the Special ability theme, building around Edgar, you can pull more fuel for Special abilities of Forwards you already have in play. Edgar is all about making sure you have the right tools for any situation.

The other major category VI character who has a Special ability theme is Gogo [15-028H], so it’s hard to imagine a deck with Edgar that doesn’t include the not-as-famed “Mimic” to repeat a special you’ve already used. Of course, going back to Opus IV, Celes [4-038L] and Locke [4-048L] have incredibly strong Specials. Edgar won’t be able to fund Celes’ activities during your opponent’s turn, but they will help keep you safe from Summons with “Runic” during your turn. Locke, on the other hand, fits perfectly with an entirely free “Mirage Dive” making sure Locke will be able to attack in unblocked every turn they’re on the field together.

Lastly, Shadow [11-009L] and his faithful companion, Interceptor [11-002H], are basically staples for category VI decks. Similarly to Celes [4-038L], Shadow’s “Shadow Fang” special won’t be funded by Edgar [17-002L] on your opponent’s turn, which makes the usage a bit tricky since you’ll need to have taken a point of damage to use “Shadow Fang.” If you really want to optimize Shadow Fang usage, Sabin [11-018H] could be a great addition, since his action ability will deal yourself a point of damage during your turn, but maybe there will be a new Sabin coming this set to keep a lookout for.

So, what do you think? Do you like how this Edgar is really thematic to his role as the Returners’ benefactor? Are you excited about other potential FINAL FANTASY VI Special Ability combos I didn’t mention? Let us know on or @fftcg_sqex!

Next week, Kageyama-san will reveal his final Rebellion’s Call Card of the Week, a character you’ll be seeing quite often very soon.

Until next time!