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2018-04-27 00:56:01

Hello everyone! FFTCG Producer Kageyama here. In today’s post, I was actually planning to discuss “limited category decks,” but due to a sudden change in plans, I’ve decided instead to talk a little bit about the card numbers found on promotional cards.

Depending on where you live, procuring promotional cards can vary significantly in difficulty. So, in order to even the playing field, we decided to create promo cards that were essentially normal cards, but set apart by special promo illustrations. This way, even people who found it difficult to get promo cards would be able to purchase the original versions normally, thereby minimizing the impact on deck construction.

Well, this was all good and well, but what I didn’t know at the time was that I made one mistake here. That’s right – I neglected to add promo card numbers on these cards. It’s true that promo card numbers aren’t needed in normal gameplay. However, promo cards aren’t simply for gameplay use; they are also very valuable collector’s items. Ergo, the lack of promo numbers on these promo cards posed an inconvenience. Even figuring out the order in which to place them in card files would be a source of confusion.

Today, promo card numbers are printed alongside their normal card numbers, but unfortunately this doesn’t help with figuring out the numbers of past promo cards. With this in mind, I’ve decided to compile a checklist of all of our promo cards so far, complete with their numbers. I hope this will come in handy for everyone’s promo card collections!

Promo Card Number Card Number Card Name (English)
PR-001 PR-001 Sephiroth
PR-002 PR-002 Vincent
PR-003 PR-003 Lightning
PR-004 1-027H Lann
PR-005 1-059R Laguna
PR-006 1-181H Onion Knight
PR-007 2-006R Sazh
PR-008 1-098R Gabranth
PR-009 2-103H Kain
PR-010 1-108H Cecil
PR-011 1-081R Bartz
PR-012 3-003R Ace
PR-013 3-013R Amarant
PR-014 3-133C Quina
PR-015 3-137R Steiner
PR-016 3-072R Rem
PR-017 3-097R Arecia Al-Rashia
PR-018 3-113R Nine
PR-019 4-145H Cloud
PR-020 1-155R Warrior of Light
PR-021 1-182L Cloud
PR-022 3-118H Lightning
PR-023 1-177R Yuna
PR-024 2-109H Golbez
PR-025 3-022H Machina
PR-026 4-037H Serah
PR-027 5-116H Lightning

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