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2019-03-07 00:37:25

Hey everyone, RB here! As Kageyama-san said last week, our final Opus VIII Card of the Week is a protagonist who appeared before, but is showing up with a new element. He’s actually my favorite of the FINAL FANTASY male leads. This week I’ll be talking about Zidane 8-115L!

Many of you already know Zidane’s deal. First appearing in FINAL FANTASY IX, Zidane Tribal is part of a group of thieves, known as Tantalus, who set out to kidnap Princess Garnet. Over the course of his adventure, he learns about and utilizes a hidden power inside of him called Trance. In DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, Zidane can use some of his Trance abilities regularly in battle, one of which is Solution 9. In this appearance, Solution 9 is Zidane’s best attack for lowering an opponent’s Bravery, think of it as DISSIDIA’s version of power.

Let’s take a look at the card!

Zidane 8-115L is a 2 CP Water Forward with 3000 power. If you have 6 or more cards in your hand, Zidane cannot be blocked. When Zidane deals damage to your opponent, draw 2 cards. He also has a Special Ability, “Solution 9” which costs 2 Water CP and reads “Choose 1 Forward. Until the end of the turn, it loses 2000 power for each card in your hand.” Like any thief, Zidane is at his best when he has tricks up his sleeves. (Hm, Zidane doesn’t wear sleeves… tricks up his cuffs?) If you can increase the number of cards in your hand to 6 when it’s time to attack, it guarantees you’ll get a point of damage in, increasing your hand size even further since you’ll draw 2 cards. Assuming you have another Zidane in hand, you could potentially lower a Forward’s power to 0 with Solution 9!

The downside? Zidane doesn’t do anything right when he enters the field, and at 3000 power waiting a turn could mean you get no benefit out of playing Zidane. That said, at 2 CP cost, he more than makes up for himself if you can manage to draw 2. To try and make the most of that, it’ll be good to give him haste. Being that FINAL FANTASY IX already has a home in Fire and Water, combining those two elements will be the best way to get him haste. Use cards like Goblin [4-012C], Belias, the Gigas [2-019R] to grant Zidane haste while drawing a card. Goblin being one of the best ways to set up since it can be in play from a previous turn! Gadot [5-005R] not only can grant Zidane haste, but gives Zidane +2000 power, making him just slightly safer from enemy abilities and summons.

Getting a CP advantage in general is very important with Zidane, obviously. The popular Leila [6-126R] and Viking [4-133C] combo is an amazing way to gain CP advantage if you can manage to play Leila with Backups. When Leila places the Viking into play, the Viking will replace the card you lost in your hand by playing her, and if the Viking leaves the field, you’ll actually net 1 extra card than what you had before playing Leila. Steiner [3-137R] also fits well here, as not only can you search out Zidane, or any other category IX Character you may include, but he’s an EX Burst, so you can end up with even more cards in your hand when your turn begins. Keep in mind, if Zidane does manage to stay on the field at the start of your turn, assuming you had 5 cards in hand and drew 2, Zidane can always attack and deal a point of damage, giving you 9 cards to play with on your turn! While very low in power, one good attack from Zidane can turn the game around in your favor easily.

Will you include this version of Zidane in your deck? Does Fire/Water sound like a strategy you’ll want to try? Let us know on our official Facebook which Opus VIII cards you’re excited for the most or hope to pull in your Pre-Release Kits! That’s it for our Opus VIII Card of the Week articles.

Until next time!



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