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2018-09-13 10:00:00

Hello everyone! It’s time for everyone’s favorite segment, Card of the Week; only this time it’ll be me, Tarou Kageyama, instead of RB. For all of you RB fans out there, I’ll try my best, so please bear with me. All right, let’s dive in!

Today, I will be introducing [7-054L] Chelinka from FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Ring of Fates. I personally think this card illustration is one of the cutest in the entire FFTCG lineup, but this isn’t surprising considering it was newly drawn with that intent by none other than Toshiyuki Itahana! This illustration, depicted in a style that makes it appear like a drawing from a fairytale, blends exquisitely with the world of CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, creating this truly wonderful piece of artwork.

Now, I’m sure many of you would like to collect this card for that reason alone, so I probably don’t need to discuss the illustration’s strong appeal more than I already have. Since we’re talking about the trading card game, I’d like to discuss this card in context of FFTCG and introduce its abilities.

[7-054L] Chelinka is a 3CP Wind Forward with 7000 power. As such, I think it’s fair to say that this card passes the mark when it comes to the average strength of a 3CP forward. Then, what about its ability? She actually has three abilities in all, so let’s start by looking at each one from the top.

Her first ability states, “If a Category FFCC Character you control deals damage to a forward, the damage increases by 1000 instead.” I see… If there is a strong Category FFCC character, then this will be a relatively attractive ability. Looking at some of the cards that are already available, it seems like [6-016H] Dark Lord or [6-084L] Leo are compatible and may benefit from this ability. That said, we mustn’t forget that [7-054L] Chelinka is also a Category FFCC. This of course means that the damage [7-054L] Chelinka inflicts increases, so she essentially has the hidden potential to unleash 8000 damage by simply paying 3CP and nothing else.

Her next ability states, “When Chelinka enters the field, deal 1000 damage to all the Forwards opponent controls.” You can say that a special attribute of wind elemental cards is the ability to inflict small doses of damage across the board. Perhaps some people may be dissatisfied with the number, in that the card is only capable of inflicting minimal, 1000 damage. But, remember the first ability! Yes – the damage [7-054L] Chelinka inflicts actually increases by 1000. In other words, with this ability, [7-054L] Chelinka will inflict 2000 damage to all Forwards an opponent controls. How does that sound now? If you’re able to hit all your opponents’ Forwards with 2000 damage, doesn’t it start to sound like a pretty useful ability?

Her last ability states, “When Chelinka forms a party with Card Name Yuri and attacks, choose 1 Forward or Monster. Break it.” I’m going to jump around a bit and call attention to the fact that this ability slightly draws on the original game, as Chelinka lends her power to Yuri in their adventure (although in actuality, Chelinka is never necessarily seen attacking). When you really read into the text, you realize that it says something quite spectacular and the ability doesn’t limit itself to just being a mere reflection of the original work. It tells you to choose 1 Forward or Monster and break it, and it doesn’t come with any cost or power limitations. This is an extremely rare type of ability – it gives you the ability to break a Forward or Monster without limitations by simply fulfilling the condition requiring you to attack with a party. Perhaps you’ll break a central figure in your opponent’s defense line, or perhaps you’ll get rid of their star forward that racks up hit points with its attacks. Either way, there’s no doubt in that triggering this ability, even just once, will allow you to obtain a large advantage against your opponent. Perhaps a new type of Yuri/Chelinka deck may emerge. I’d love to see everyone try it out and take on this challenge.

Lastly, since we’re on the subject and have the opportunity to do so, I’d like to showcase [7-128H] Yuri, which also appears in Opus VII. Itahana-san also drew this artwork for the game, and it’s an interesting card that has all Elements except Dark. At first glance, it may appear fit for a mono deck, but the card itself has numerous elements, so it may be relatively easy to trigger its ability with two or so elements. [7-128H] Yuri and [7-054L] Chelinka, either half of these twins are ones to look out for with caution!

We’ll see you back here next week with RB’s article, so please look forward to it!

-Tarou Kageyama


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