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Events 2020-09-28 10:39:48

Final Fantasy TCG Video Cup

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Currently the FFTCG Influencer Video Cup is running - to help you finding all related Videos and Information we have created this page and will update it accordingly. 

So, what's the deal with this Video Cup? We randomly paired up 8 well known FFTCG players  into teams of two. Matches will be Team Battle, with teams we randomly assigned each of them. It will work most similarly to two deck format, with each team having two decks that have no matching elements (including Light and Dark). However, each player on a team uses one of the decks. Both players on a team need to win a game in that round to win the overall round.
The rounds will each have a different formatand each team will choose a card that their team is fighting for. The card must be in one of the team's two decks each round, and the winning team will have their card become a future Organized Play Promo!
Check out this video for an introduction to each team!

The Rounds

Round 1: Standard Constructed
Round 2: L3 Constructed
Round 3: Highlander (only one of each card per deck)

The Teams

Team Allies - John Schreiner and Nicolas Larrouy
(Promo: Pandemonium 11-055R)

Team Avalanche - Michitarou Yabuuchi and Joe Leszczynski
(Promo: Barret 11-074H)

Team Basket Case - Christopher Mattiske and Sascha Korbel
(Promo: Belias 9-017C)

Team Coollin - Alexander Hancox and Collin Rupert
(Promo: Nyx 11-097H)


Team Basket Case 25/09 John VS Chris Watch the Match
VS Team Allies 27/09 Nicolas VS Sascha Watch the Match
29/09 Game 3?
Team Coollin 02/10 Alex VS Michitarou
VS Team Avalanche 04/10 Collin VS Joe
06/10 Game 3?
Team Avalanche 09/10 Joe VS Sascha
VS Team Basket Case 11/10 Michitarou VS Chris
13/10 Game 3?
Team Coollin 16/10 Collin VS John
VS Team Allies 18/10 Alex VS Nicolas
20/10 Game 3?
Team Allies 23/10 Nicolas VS Joe
VS Team Avalanche 25/10 John VS Michitarou
27/10 Game 3?
Team Basket Case 30/10 Sascha VS Collin
VS Team Coollin 01/11 Chris VS Alex
03/11 Game 3?

Their Decks