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Square Enix presents “FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game” official article series.

This is the step by step basics of FFTCG for beginners. This is meant for those of you who recently started, or are considering getting into the game, especially those of you who love the FINAL FANTASY series.

Please also see the FFTCG official site for rules and other articles.

■3 Cards

There are 3 categories for cards.

  1. Forward

Forwards are the core characters of the game, allowing you to attack your opponent. They have Power and various abilities. Most of the protagonists and final bosses are Forwards in this game.

  1. Backup

This card supports forwards by making CP, crystal points to use cards, and they can also have various abilities. Mages, summoners, and those who assist heroes in the original titles tend to take this role.

  1. Summon

Summons are one time use cards that assist the player. As in the original games, their effects are temporary, but allow you to draw cards, break your opponent’s forwards, or perform many other powerful abilities.

1. Make CP, the energy to play the game with backups and cards from your hand.

2. Use Forward’s Power, abilities, and summons to beat your opponent’s Forward.

3. Attack the opponent and give 7 damage.

Image of game, you use 3 different kinds of cards to win.

Basic rules are covered by the guide found in the starter set. You also can download them from here:

I recommend you watch these videos for better understanding:

Above tutorials give simple instruction and show flow of the game.

Both are less than 10 minutes.

You’ve seen the guide and video, and you roughly get the basics. However it is always challenging when you draw your first cards, so please remember these three tips:

  1. Backups come first

If you see the video, you notice both player put Backups on the field. First throw one card, make 2CP for back up. Of course, Forwards can enter to the field at the first turn, but it is not recommended. Backups are the foundation of the game, so try to play Backups in the first one to two turns.

For example, if your deck contains 2 different elements, an ideal start is to put two different Backups into play on the first turn. This really helps you play your Backups and Forwards in later turns without throwing away your hand.

FFTCG has two ways to make CP, using Backups and discarding cards from your hand, so it is possible to play without any Backup on the field, but this is incredibly risky. You’ll run out of cards far too easily. Backups should always come first.

  1. Knowing What’s Okay to Discard

You have to discard some cards in the beginning, so which ones should you discard? First few games, every card seems useful and so it’s difficult to choose one. Here I will show you some examples using the Type-0 Starter Set.

This card gains power by having a lot of Class Zero Cadet cards in play. You cannot see her real value in first turn.

Summons that choose your opponent’s Forwards have no targets on the first turn. I understand wanting to keep them for later, but they’re also okay to discard.

In this game, you cannot play 2 of the same unique character onto the field. If that one has a special ability, you can use it, but if it is not, you can discard one of them.

For some cards, they have return ticket form break zone to hand. In Type-0, the above two can come back, with small help from 3-072RRem or 3-153SAce. So they are okay to exchange for CP.

  1. Use Main Phase 2!

You have two main phases with attack phase between. Your cards can enter to the field during either phase, but I recommend you to do it in 2nd. Doing this matters for your Attack Phase. In FFTCG, we can interrupt an opponent’s turn as explained in the tutorial video. Sometimes you attack with a higher Power Forward, opponents may use some ability to raise his or her Forward’s power and you get defeated.

In this game, when an opponent interrupts your attack, you can fight back. For example, opponent raises his Forward’s power with 1-106CGolem, you can break the Forward with 1-123ROdin to minimize the damage.

For counter attack, you need to keep cards in your hand and CP available from your Backups. If you use all available CP in first main phase, you cannot do anything during the attack phase. Always save CP for the Attack Phase.


-Choose the right cards to discard for Backups

-Be patient until 3 Backups are on the field, then try to build up your Forwards

-New card always enters the field in Main Phase 2

I believe this is all you need to know for your first game. We’ll get into more advanced tactics in a future article!

First please go to official site, for answers to general questions.

Also you can ask questions through our official Facebook at: