2017-11-07 00:28:21

Square Enix presents “FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game” official article series.

This is the step by step basics of FFTCG for beginners. This is meant for those of you who recently started, or are considering getting into the game, especially those of you who love the FINAL FANTASY series.

Please also see the FFTCG official site for rules and other articles.

■Starter Sets!

Trading card games appeal to players in so many different ways. I think the ability to customize your deck is a big reason players love TCGs. As long as you understand the basic rules, you can include any card in your 50 card deck, in FFTCG. However, building a deck can be very difficult for beginners. There are several versions of Starter Sets in the store.

Today, there are 5 different Starter Sets, VII, IX, X, XIII, and Type-0 on sale. The FINAL FANTASY VII deck includes characters from title, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Vincent, and so on. Please choose your favorite title. The set comes with a 50 card deck, a starter guide, and a playing field guide, so you can play the game right when you buy it. Also this could be a really good start towards making your own deck. I highly recommend you start with one of these sets.

▲These are part of the TYPE-0 set card. They have synergistic effects. When they gather in the field, they get stronger. I believe FINAL FANTASY fans nod when you see Arecia, the mother, to search out anyone from your deck to your hand.

■Enhance your deck with Booster Packs

When you’re comfortable playing with your Starter Set, move to the next step. Customize your deck with booster packs.

There are 12 cards in a pack and most of them are not found in the Starter Sets. You add cards from packs to make your own deck. A booster pack also includes one premium foil card, beautiful and collectable. Some big fans make decks entirely out of premium foil cards.

▲Aren’t they so shiny?

■Go to your Local Game Store

FFTCG is a one on one game, so you need an opponent to play. You can start with friends for family. However, I really recommend you go to a local tournament. Basically, local events are open to everyone. You can get some small prize like a promo card. It can be a very casual and fun environment to play FFTCG, and newcomers are always welcome. The best part, you can make new friends who love the same game as you!

▲The left card is example of a promo card from an Organized Play event. The right card is found in booster packs. Both have the same ability but different appearances. You can use both versions in your deck and choose lilikin or jiant based on your mood.

■Go to Official Events

There are some official tournaments you can attend. They’re a little bit more challenging than playing at your local game store. But, at one of these, you can try your hand at a bigger stage. Maybe you’ll find a new friend or mentor.

■ Maybe you are the next FFTCG World Champion

We are planning to hold our first world tournament soon, so maybe you’ll be the one to get the first trophy.

Join us next week for the final installment of our beginner's guide to FFTCG!