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2018-08-18 03:29:40

Here is a list of all players currently qualified to participate in the 2018 FFTCG North American Championship. We will be updating this list as more players qualify and information comes in from LQs.

Crystal Cups

Note: Players in italics were previously qualified when placing in these events. As such, their invite passes down to the next highest ranked player.

Crystal Cup Boston Name
Champion Matt Okimoto
Finalist Maxwell Williams
Semi-Finalist Collin Rupert
Semi-Finalist Jonathan Siordia

Crystal Cup Toronto Name
Champion Jordan Denk
Finalist Andy Tan
Semi-Finalist Jason Batten-Carew
Semi-Finalist Brian Burckley

Crystal Cup Kansas Name
Champion Samsonite Prime
Finalist Aaron Wiseman
Semi-Finalist Dakota Snodgras
Semi-Finalist Kyle Peters
Quarterfinalist Chris Lopez

Crystal Cup SoCal Name
Champion Joshua Medeiros
Finalist Alejandro Ramirez
Semi-Finalist Shereena Decano
Semi-Finalist Kyle McGinty

Sealed Crystal Cup Indianapolis Name
Champion David Pai
Finalist Adam Lane
Semi-Finalist Patrick Lagdamen
Semi-Finalist Stefan Bridges
Quarterfinalist Korey Fay

Constr. Crystal Cup Indianapolis Name
Champion Jordan Denk
Finalist Devin Welzbacher
Semi-Finalist Irving Diaz
Semi-Finalist Jeremiah Toenjes
Quarterfinalist Jonathan Gordon
Quarterfinalist Jordan Welzbacher
Quarterfinalist Spencer Halaut

Crystal Cup Seattle Name
Champion Brian Burckley
Finalist Azul Besares
Semi-Finalist Jacob Hicks
Semi-Finalist Nathan Perez
Quarterfinalist Angelo Huynh

Local Qualifiers

This is a list of all players who earned a qualification through a local qualifier. If you have won a qualifier and are not yet on this list, please contact us on our official Facebook page, or reach out to the store you qualified at.

Local Qualifier Locations Qualified Player
Yeti Games Dakota Snodgras
Mega Gaming and Comics Alfred Closson
Montasy Comics Paul Go
Level Up Games Jeremiah Toenjes
Sci Fi Factory Brandon Harding
South Hill Games Andrew Pierce
Guardian Games Jonathan Smith
Manticore Cezareo Rodriguez
Myrtle Beach Games Hunter Nance
Legendary Wolf Games Benjamin Joseph Parrott
Sunshin Games Alejandro Ziegenhirt
The Griffin's Rest Jesse Sims
The Gaming Goat Joe Leszczynski
Epic Gaming Nicholas Nguyen
Gamer's Gauntlet Devin Welzbacher
Game Theory Curtis Kang
The Gift of Games Maverick Sharks
ARG Jesse Freeman
Meeple Madness Ken Bailey
Paradox Comics Chris Danzl
End Game Andrew Foltz-Lynch
King's Games Daniel Cousillas
Tower of Games Adam Lane
Game Universe Kyle Kruse
Gamers Heaven Kevin Witherow
Lost Ark Video Games Sam Tuell
Serenity Hobbies John Schreiner
Jersey's Comics & Games Danny Diaz
Source Comics & Games Andrew Nelson
Island Games Mohammad Zaiem Ahmad
Enclave Bo Shields
Desu-Nation Zachary Pasley
The Gaming Goat Bryan Cole
D20 Hobbies John Piazza
Top Deck Keep Arvin Bernardo
Galactic Quest Jim Doolittle
Gamers World - Water Tower Place Kyle Croft
Game Theory William Lo
Brute Force Games David Cox
Game Kastle Mountain View Bryan Lue
Black Dog Enterprises Anthony Rohr
Heroes Collectables David Tran
ARG Circuit Series Rich Estudillo
Games Galore Jon Fisk
All In One Collectibles Michael Hunsicker
Neverland Games Steven Arboleda
Darkside Games Shane Duckworth
Galaxy Games Brian Gerbi
Jay's CD & Hobby Ben Miller
Geeky Villain Sang “Steve” Yim
Maverick's / Game Swap Aaron Williams
Uncommons LLC Angel Moret
Game Night Games Levi Whitley
CM Games Mike Mullins
Toys and Things Cody Brown
Gamer's Heaven Nicholas Schnell
ARG Circuit Series Bradley Schallon
Otaku Nation, LLC Joshua Gardner
Comix City Too Gabriel Bedne
The Gift of Games Emmanuel Padilla
Pro Play Games Andy Carmona
GMI Games Dan Nguyen
Tabletop Tournaments Evan Stewart
Tabletop Shop Brian Batista
Millenium Games Anthony Figueroa
Bearded Collectibles Zach Burrell
End Game Chris Daniel

Canada Local Qualifiers

Heroes World Comic Shop Allister Lai
Galaxy Comics Elijah Capillar
Gamer's Lair Justin Larmant

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