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2018-02-08 10:43:00

So, you’ve all been patiently waiting to hear about FFTCG North America’s 2018 Competitive Season, and we’re excited to share with you the first details. Please understand that some elements, like prizes, or certain venues, will be shared over the coming weeks, this is just a first look so you can all begin planning out your path to the top!

The Road to the Championship

Last year, we had the North American Championship, a large tournament to decide who would represent North America at the FFTCG World Championship in Tokyo, Japan. This year, while we will still have a North American Championship, we want players to earn their spot.

Players may not enter the 2018 FFTCG North American Championship unless they have qualified at a previous event. Many of you have already assumed this would be the case, or you heard as much at one of our Petit Cups, but what we’d like to share today is how you qualify.

Qualifying events are broken down into three types of events:

Allow me to explain each one.

Crystal Cup Qualifier

Crystal Cups will be our main events for FFTCG North America this year. These are officially hosted Square Enix events. If you’ve been itching for exciting competitive play, you’ll want to attend a Crystal Cup.

At a Crystal Cup, the Top 4 players will all qualify for the North American Championship. If one of the Top 4 players has previously qualified, it will pass down to the next player based on ranking in the tournament.

There will be 7 Crystal Cups in total, at the following locations:

April 6-7: Boston, MA

May 26-27: Toronto, Canada

June 23-24: Lenexa, KS

June 29-July 1: Orange County, CA

August 2-5: Indianapolis, IN [TWO (2) Crystal Cups!]

September TBD: Seattle, WA

Stay tuned for exact details for each of these events in the coming weeks.

Local Qualifier

While those larger events are certainly exciting, obviously not everyone can make it to each one. We wanted to be sure players all over North America have a fair shot at qualifying, so we’re bringing Local Qualifiers to 50 select stores throughout North America.

These events will require 16 players at minimum, and the winner of each event will qualify for the North American Championship. If the winner of one of these events has previously qualified at another event, it will pass down to the next player who has not qualified based on ranking in the tournament.

These will all be constructed format, following the standard tournament rules. Prove you’re the best in your region! The North American Championship really will be a gathering of all parts of the FFTCG NA Community.

Stay tuned for more details.

For those retailers who may be interested in participating, please notify your GTS Distribution, Southern Hobby Supply, or Peachstate Hobby Distribution sales rep who will provide more information as it becomes available.

Last Chance Qualifier

This will be an event taking place 1 day prior to the North American Championship. It will serve as a “Day 0,” so to speak. The top players will qualify for the North American Championship.

Details of the Last Chance Qualifier to be announced at later time.

North American Championship

We plan to hold the North American Championship near the Square Enix US HQ again, in Los Angeles, California where top players from Crystal Cup Qualifier, Local Qualifier and Last Chance Qualifier compete to prove who is the best in North America.

While the full details of this are something we’d still like to keep close to the chest for now, we did want to announce that this year…

…the Top EIGHT players will qualify for the FFTCG 2018 World Championship in London!

That’s double the chances to make it to Worlds and prove you’re the best of the best.

More to be revealed later!

We hope this has you excited for what’s to come in the FFTCG 2018 Competitive Season.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Be sure to follow our official Facebook page at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG for up to date news and information.


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