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2018-06-28 19:00:05

Hey everyone! RB here for the final Opus VI Card of the Week! It’s been great getting to show off some of the cards I’m most excited about from the upcoming set, but I had to save this one for last. Like I’d mentioned in the Y’shtola [6-083H] article, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward is one of my absolute favorite FINAL FANTASY titles and I really urge everyone to go play it. This week’s preview is one of the central characters of the story in Heavensward, Estinien [6-088L].

Please be aware, this will contain spoilers for FINAL FANTASY XIV, so if you’d like to experience the story for yourself, skip ahead to the card details!

Estinien first appears in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn as a character featured in the Dragoon Job quest line. He plays a significant role in the main story when he joins with the Warrior of Light on their quest to defeat Nidhogg, one of the great seven wyrms born of Midgardsormr. As the current “Azure Dragoon,” a title given to the preeminent Dragoon of the Holy See of Ishgard, he wields the eye of Nidhogg, a relic literally plucked from Nidhogg’s skull that bestows nigh immeasurable power. Those wielding the Eye are granted strength and abilities far beyond mortal man, which Estinien wields deftly in his role as protector of Ishgard against dragonkind.

This version of Estinien sees him wielding the eye of Nidhogg. Let’s take a look!

Estinien [6-088L] is a 5 CP Lightning Forward from category XIV with 8000 power, and the Job “Dragoon.” He has a few abilities, “If you control 5 or more Backups, Estinien gains Haste.”, “When Estinien is blocked, break the blocking Forward.”, and an action ability that costs 1 Lightning CP and reads, “Activate Estinien. Estinien can attack once more this turn. You can only use this ability during your turn and only once per turn.”

Being he’s a Dragoon, he can jump right into to combat provided you have enough preparation with 5 Backups. A lot of Dragoons tend to have First Strike, but Estinien does one better by breaking any enemy that attempts to block him regardless of their power. You might try to avoid blocking him, but he can attack twice per turn, so he’ll make quick work of an opponent who chooses to let him through. The eye of Nidhogg really is no joke, right?

Obviously since we have a powerful Dragoon, we’ll want to look back at making a Dragoon themed deck. We’ve talked about it in the past, so check out the article for Freya [3-114C] for suggestions towards building a Dragoon deck: https://bit.ly/2K4ZgbT

For a quick rundown, you will absolutely want Freya [3-114C], Kain [2-104R], and a handful of other dragoons, like the recently revealed Dragoon [6-105C]. Your opponent will still be looking at getting rid of Estinien as he’s the biggest threat, but it should allow you to build up your Dragoon army while he takes the focus. Kain bringing Estinien to 10000 power should make him a bit difficult to remove at the very least.

While you’ll likely use a lot of 2 CP Backups, and even 1 CP Backups, to quickly reach 5 Backups, there are two that should definitely be considered. King of Burmecia [4-110R] will give you a consistent way to search out Estinien, and he’s an EX Burst! For 3 CP, this Lightning Backup reads “When King of Burmecia enters the field, you may search for 1 Job Dragoon or Card Name Dragoon and add it to your hand.” Whether it’s played directly to the field or comes up as a point of damage, this is a solid card for any deck that include Estinien, even if it’s not Dragoon focused.

Lulu [1-150R] is a Lightning Backup that reads “The Lightning Forwards you control gain +1000 power.” Since we want any way to protect Estinien that we can, Lulu [1-150R] will give him (and your other Dragoons) a little boost of power. This Lulu will stick us to Mono Lightning, which is fine since, outside of including Bartz [3-065L] or Yuna [2-138], all of your actual Dragoons are in Lightning.

Zemus [5-108L] is also great since not only can he pull back Estinien should someone break him, but he can bring back other Dragoons as well. Since Dragoons like Freya, Kain, or Dragoon [6-105C] deal with having lots of Dragoons, being able to resurrect fallen Dragoons can be a valuable asset for keeping them together.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the Azure Dragoon lending a hand to Freya and Kain? Also… just how many Dragoons are in Opus VI? You’ll have to wait until the Opus VI Pre-Releases start next week to find out! We hope to see you there.

Card of the Week will take a break until Opus VII previews start up! Thanks for everyone in the community who made your own videos and articles on social media, it’s been a blast.

Until next time!



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