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2018-03-01 01:51:48

Hey everyone! Last week I had mentioned that this week’s Card of the Week reveal was of a character who has appeared in over TWENTY titles. If you hadn’t guessed just which FINAL FANTASY hero I was talking about, it’s Cecil [5-086L] who has appeared in 25 different titles!

Cecil’s first appearance is in FINAL FANTASY IV, as the main protagonist. At the start of the game, he is the captain of Baron’s airship fleet, the Red Wings. He rose the ranks by training as a Dark Knight, a warrior that sacrifices its own life force in exchange for dark powers. While a Dark Knight’s strength is unmatched, it also comes at a price, as the knight can become too far gone to return to the light. In the game, his ability “Dark” allows him to deal massive damage to enemies at the cost of some of his own HP.

Let's take a look at the card!

Cecil [5-086L] is seen here with a brand new illustration, by Akira Oguro, created specifically for FFTCG! He’s a 5 CP Earth Forward with 9000 power and the Job Dark Knight. He has an EX Burst ability which reads, “When Cecil enters the field, choose 1 dull Forward opponent controls. If its cost is equal to or less than the damage you have received, break it.” He also has a special ability, “Dark” which reads, “Choose 1 Forward. Cecil deals you 1 point of damage. If the cost of the Forward is equal to or less than the damage you have received, break it.”

This version of Cecil is the personification of what makes a Dark Knight a Dark Knight. The more damaged you are, the stronger Cecil becomes. But rather than gaining power, like previous Dark Knights we’ve seen in FFTCG, this Cecil can outright break Forwards if you’ve been damaged enough! He even has his signature ability, Dark, allowing you to use other copies of Cecil to break opposing Forwards. There are plenty of other Cecil cards for you to choose from, but I’d like to talk about some other cards that work well with this Cecil specifically.

Dark Knights in general have a lot of synergy with Cecil, so it will be great to see if Dark Knights start to show up in more decks. A great Dark Knight for the cost is Dark Knight [1-092C], a 2 CP Earth Forward with 3000 power. For each point of damage you have received, Dark Knight gains +1000 power. When you’re on your last legs, this Dark Knight is a 9000 power Forward for only 2 CP! Thanks to Cecil’s special, Dark, you can bring yourself to 6 damage to power up the rest of your Dark Knights.

Gabranth [2-081L] also works well with Dark Knights. He’s a 7 CP Earth Forward with 9000 power whose cost is reduced by 1 for each point of damage you have received. If you have received 6 points of damage or more, the Earth Forwards you control gain Brave. At 6 damage, Gabranth only costs 1 CP, so getting a 9000 power Forward with Brave, that also gives your Cecil Brave, can really swing the game in your favor. Getting Brave is especially strong with this strategy since you’ll need as many defenders as you can get to prevent that last point of damage from getting through.

To speed up your damage gain, you can also use Fusoya [2-146H]. Fusoya is a Light Backup with an Action Ability that reads “Dull: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 7000 damage. Fusoya deals you 1 point of damage.” Not only does that power up your Forwards like Cecil, Dark Knight, and Gabranth, but it’s removal in its own right, helping you clear the board as your Brave Forwards attack in.

Since you’ll be taking a lot of damage, it’s good to know what’s coming and manipulate it. Geomancer [1-169C] is a 2 CP Water Backup with an Action Ability that reads, “Dull: Look at the top card of your deck. You may place the card at the bottom of your deck.” You’ll want to use Geomancer to make sure the top of your deck is an EX Burst card. You’ll need to splash some Water in, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Cecil, who already has other versions in Water, as well as FINAL FANTASY IV characters that synergize with him.

One such FINAL FANTASY IV character coming in Opus V is Porom [5-135L], which was revealed this past weekend! She’s a 4 CP Water Forward with 5000 power and an EX Burst ability which reads, “When Porom enters the field, look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 card among them to your hand and return the other cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.” She also has an action ability which reads, “1 CP, Dull: Choose 1 action ability. Cancel its effect.” Whether you flip her for an EX Burst or have her in play, she’s all around a great ally for Cecil. Just having the ability to stop an action ability can cause your opponent to overthink their next move, and force them into spending additional resources just to use the action ability they want. Her EX Burst is also nice as it allows you to keep EX Burst cards in your deck and pick out the non-EX Burst cards to draw.

One of the best EX Bursts for Cecil is probably Zeromus, the Condemner [3-087H]. It’s a 7 CP Earth Summon that reads, “Choose up to 1 Forward from your Break Zone of cost equal to or less than the damage you have been dealt. Return it to your hand. Your opponent selects 1 Forward of cost equal to or less than the damage you have been dealt and puts it into the Break Zone.” Not only does this card continue the theme of increasing in power as you take damage, but it can create a nice combo with Cecil’s Dark special. If you use Dark while at 4 damage, and Zeromus flips as your damage, your opponent will lose ANOTHER Forward, and you can return Cecil to your hand to Dark again, making your opponent lose a THIRD Forward! While you’ll take two damage, bringing you to six, getting rid of three opposing Forwards can be enough to attack in for the win in some situations. Also, as mentioned with Gabranth and Dark Knight above, sometimes you WANT to bring yourself to 6 damage intentionally!

So what do you think? Are you excited for FINAL FANTASY’s most famous Dark Knight to make a comeback? What are some other cards you can think of that would go great with Cecil? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Here’s a hint for next week’s preview: Kupo!

Until next time!



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