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Novità 2021-07-22 15:21:50

Opus XIV Card of the Week - Bismarck

Green Background with a white whale on it

“Ruler of the clouds, worshipped by the Vanu Vanu.

Folklore tells of a legendary white whale said to swim in the Sea of Clouds as if they were the waters of the Rhotano.

According to Vanu legend, however, Bismarck led their ancestors to the floating islands. With waves of fury he purges his domain of those who would do his followers harm.”

Hi everyone, this is Tim and today I will present the last Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss Card of the Week article!

So, let’s take a look at the card – you are whalecome!

Green Background with a white whale on it

Bismarck, Lord of the Mists [14-042L] is a 5 CP Wind Forward with 9000 power, category XIV, and the Job “Primal”. When a Character is returned from the field to its owner’s hand, draw 1 card. This effect will trigger only once per turn. At the end of each of your turns, choose up to 1 Wind Character you control. Return it to its owner’s hand. Dull 1 active Wind Forward: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 2000 damage.

Whale, what to say about this card? It’s obviously a whale-y strong card that you would like to play whale you have set up your Backup-line already to make full use of all the Wind reactivation cards whale also optimizing your Backups as Bismarck can make room for others.

Whale many decks will benefit from Bismarck’s guidance, the first card that you want to run on Bismarck’s side is [12-038H] Althea to give you the opportunity to bounce a Character you control at any time in your or your opponent’s turn. Another good use I can see is [8-060L] Fina and [1-080H] Bartz as you can utilize the 2000 Damage from dulling any Wind Forward in response to their own activation of all characters – this helps you to make use of every additional Forward that is active before playing any of those Cards or offers an in-built protection against many Lightning Cards that require to target an active Forward.

And at the end of the turn, you can also still bounce any of your Wind Characters to your hand if you want to – so any Character that has a good effect when it enters the field will make some good use here. Good examples would be the already mentioned Bartz and Fina, [10-057C] Bartz, [12-116L] Locke, [2-071R] Rikku or [5-067R] Miounne.

And whale we are on that topic, you really would like to bounce something to its owner’s hand in every turn – there are plenty of other options next to Althea like [10-055H] Chocobo, [1-178R] Leviathan or [6-125R] Leviathan. Especially with [1-177R] Yuna, Leviathan would turn into “2CP, Return a Forward to its owner’s hand and draw 1 card (once per turn).”

And there is more potential! With [5-062L] Diabolos you can deal 2000 damage with every active Wind Forward and then activate all your Backups and Forwards, I bet this must be ridiculously fun if you are running a Chocobo Deck to dull and activate all your cards again and again.

I hope this gives you enough fu…whale… fuel… to come up with your own combos and deck ideas surrounding the Lord of the Mists!

Whale’p! That was the last Card of the Week article for Opus XIV – I hope you are as excited as we are for the release of Crystal Abyss and to finally see all those Primals in action!

Stay tuned,