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2019-02-21 10:00:00

Hello everyone! RB here with another Opus VIII Card of the Week! Can you believe we’re less than a month away from the Opus VIII Pre-Release? This week, I picked a card that felt like a pretty different type of character, and adds another option for a style of deck that came up towards the end of Opus VI. Not only that, but this week’s card probably has my favorite artwork in the set by Yasuhisa Izumisawa, character designer for FINAL FANTASY Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. We’re talking about Undead Princess [8-071H]!

Undead Princess first appears in FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time as a specter sealed in her coffin, meant to attack those who wander into the graveyard. Later, the heroes use her to guard the area where the final battle takes place. However, when you fight her as a boss battle, she is very difficult to attack as she has a ghostly cloak that can only be cleared by channeling healing magic into her. Typically in battle, you’ll need to wait for her to charge at a player and, should she miss them, run into the wall and stun herself. This gives you an opportunity to drop her cloak and attack.

Let’s take a look at how she works in FFTCG!

Doesn’t she look AWESOME!? Undead Princess is a 2 CP Earth Forward with 5000 power, category FFCC, and Job “Undead.” She has an auto ability that reads, “When Undead Princess enters the field, choose 1 Forward. If your opponent doesn’t pay 3 CP, it cannot attack or block this turn.” She also has an action ability that reads “Put 2 Earth Backups into the Break Zone: Play Undead Princess onto the field dull. You can only use this ability if Undead Princess is in the Break Zone.”

So, much like in Echoes of Time, Undead Princess can pop up from the grave to prevent your opponent from reaching their goals. Preventing your opponent from being able to attack or block can be incredibly useful, and even if they choose to pay 3, that is a LOT of CP! I think capitalizing on this ability is the key to utilizing Undead Princess in your deck.

As I mentioned, there was an Earth/Water monsters deck during the Opus VI meta that used Flandit [5-088C] to great effect. Flandit is a 1 CP Earth Monster with an action ability that reads, “Dull: Choose 1 Forward opponent controls. If your opponent doesn’t pay 1, it cannot attack or block this turn.” If you have 3 of these in play, it becomes a huge burden on your opponent’s resources. Using them on your opponent’s turn, you will either prevent attacks or drain their CP. When it gets back to your turn, you can use them again, so your opponent will have a hard time being able to block, as they’ll need to start discarding cards. Combined with Undead Princess, you can catch them off guard by requiring 6 CP to be paid, either getting rid of more cards from their hand or simply letting your Forwards through to deal damage.

Two Water Forwards that are great when running Flandit are Relm [4-144H] and Gau [4-123H]. Relm lets you reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and add 1 Monster from among them to your hand. She also has an action ability that reads “Dull: Choose 1 Monster: Until the end of the turn, it also becomes a Forward with 7000 power.” You can find Flandits quicker, and utilize some of your Monsters to attack once your opponent has nothing to block with. When Gau enters the field, you can choose 1 Monster of cost 2 or less in your Break Zone and play it onto the field, so he’s a good way to bring Flandit and any other Monsters you have in your Break Zone onto the field.

Her second ability means you’re going to want quite a few Earth Backups. You can use breaking them to your advantage by having Backups that have “When enters the field” auto abilities. Epitav [6-067R] is a 3 CP Backup that allows you to search for 1 Category FFCC Forward and add it to your hand, allowing you to grab Undead Princess. Other strong Earth Backups like Masked Woman [3-076R] can be used simply for removal without wasting backup spots. Of course, being able to use Shantotto [1-107L] more than once a game is a pretty big reason to run an ability like Undead Princess’.

One Backup, however, that doesn’t have an ability, but can be used to trick your opponent, is Carbuncle [7-066C]. Since Undead Princess enters the field from the Break Zone when you use her ability, you can use Carbuncle’s Back Attack during your opponent’s turn to get an unexpected Earth Backup into play. You can even use it during your own Attack Phase to catch them off guard!

So what do you think? Are you excited for this awesome looking card? How will you use Undead Princess in your deck? Will this be the last card needed to make a taxes deck really shine? Let us know in the comments!

Kageyama-san will be back next week with a card he insists is not broken.

See you then!




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