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2019-02-13 23:45:35

Hello everyone, Tarou Kageyama here! It’s finally Thursday and time to dive into what you’ve been waiting for – a new Card of the Week! This time, I’d like to introduce you to a new job that will appear for the first time in Opus VIII: “Warrior of Darkness.” There’s a chance you may have already seen a “Warrior of Darkness” card other than the one I’ll be introducing today. Diana [8-101H] was shown on the Opus VIII promotional poster, and Nacht [8-078L] was featured in the pages of a magazine. So this week, I’d love to show off images of these two cards in addition to discussing our main focus for this time, Alba [8-091H].

 Alba is a character who appears in FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS (known as FINAL FANTASY LEGENDS in Japan), where she acts as a member of the “Warriors of Darkness” party. If you haven’t tried the original game, “Warrior of Darkness” probably sounds like an antagonist. However, the “Warriors of Darkness” who appear throughout the FINAL FANTASY series are oftentimes not villains, and are instead depicted as counterparts to the “Warriors of Light.” You might also recall that they were portrayed as such at the end of FINAL FANTASY III. Additionally, Alba herself has an energetic personality, and seems like the type to be the life of the party. As far as her abilities go, she is highly intellectual and is a rearguard type adept at black magic, but she also has a certain charm about her that tends to leave a strong impression in players’ hearts. Furthermore, a part of her appeal may be her true identity, but I won’t go into any more detail about that here.

 So that’s Alba in a nutshell, but from an opponent’s perspective in FFTCG, she’s more dangerous than loveable. First, her Auto Ability when she enters the field allows you to dull as many Forwards your opponent controls as the number of “Warriors of Darkness” you control. Because Alba [8-091H] is a “Warrior of Darkness” herself, this means you can dull at least one Forward. That said, even though this is also an EX Burst, the above ability doesn’t necessarily offer enough to be considered exceptional. Although of course, there’s no denying that it is indeed powerful.

 Her true value lies in her second Field Ability. If your opponent controls two or more dull Forwards, she gains Haste and she cannot be chosen by your opponent’s Summons or abilities, effectively morphing her into a powerful assault-style Forward!

 The “two or more dull forwards” condition might seem tough at first glance, but in fact it isn’t too difficult a challenge. Especially for her. That’s right – as I explained earlier, Alba [8-091H] can dull at least one Forward when she enters the field. That means just one additional Forward needs to be dull. Therefore, if you control just one more “Warrior of Darkness,” you can easily fulfill this requirement. I think it’s safe to say that the chances of inflicting damage upon your opponent are plenty high.

 Furthermore, the Lightning Element, to which Alba [8-091H] belongs herself, tends to be particularly adept at dulling. With this in mind, I’d like to introduce a few cards that have good synergy with Alba [8-091H] but aren’t “Warriors of Darkness.” The obvious choices that immediately come to mind are Amon [2-098L] and Lightning [4-115L]. Lower cost cards like Cait Sith [1-132C] seem like they’d work well with Alba [8-091H] as well. If you have a higher number of Lightning cards, it might also be interesting to try using Yuri [7-128H], though his element is Light.

 If you bring Ice, the other element that specializes in dulling, into the picture in addition to Lightning, the realm of possibilities expands even further. This is because Ice has abilities that not only dull but also freeze, meaning you can keep cards dull across two turns, making it easier to fulfill Alba [8-091H]’s conditions. In addition to Ace-level cards like Genesis [3-033L] and Celes [4-038L], The Emperor [5-036L] might be a great help for Alba [8-091H] as well, depending on the metagame.

 On top of all of this, if we focus on the fact that Alba [8-091H]’s Category is FFL, Emperor (FFL) [7-022H] also makes a good candidate. You can make moves like dulling one card using Alba [8-091H]’s ability and then additionally dulling a CP 5 Forward using Emperor (FFL) [7-022H]’s ability. Depending on how the number of FFL cards might increase with Opus VIII, it might be an interesting idea to build a deck that draws on FFL, and not just the “Warriors of Darkness.”

Well then, what did everyone think of the card this time? Do you think “Warriors of Darkness” might become a new deck type? I hope you’ll give it a try. Also, all of the “Warriors of Darkness” illustrations featured in Opus VIII were newly created by Mr. Akira Oguro, so they would make great additions to your collection as well. And don’t worry – the remaining “Warrior of Darkness” is also going to become a card.

Well then, it appears that RB will be introducing a newly drawn card next week, too. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

~Tarou Kageyama



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