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2019-01-23 23:31:13

Hey everyone, it’s RB back with Card of the Week! Kageyama-san and I will be showing off some brand new cards coming in Opus VIII on March 22nd! Since we’re just starting off, I’ll be showing off one of the cards featured in the new 2019 Starter Set based on FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood, Lyse [8-139S]!

Lyse is a Monk who travels alongside the Warrior of Light during the events of Stormblood. She acts as an inspiration to the downtrodden Ala Mhigan people as they struggle against the Garlean Empire. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the game, since it is only a little over a year old, so I’ll leave it there and suggest you play FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood to get caught up on Lyse.

Let’s take a look at her card!

Lyse is a 3 CP Fire Forward with 7000 power, and the Job “Scion of the Seventh Dawn.” Her abilities read: “You cannot play Lyse or Card Name Yda while already in control of either Character.” And “The Forwards other than Lyse you control gain +1000 power. If you have received 5 points of damage or more, the Forwards you control gain +2000 power instead.” She also has a Special Ability, “Dragon Kick” that requires you to dull Lyse, it reads “Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 8000 damage.”

While Lyse is a Scion of the Seventh Dawn, it may be a bit difficult to play her in a Scions of the Seventh Dawn deck due to her unique relationship with Yda, who is typically one of the main reasons for playing the Scions. Luckily, her ability to power up all of your Forwards isn’t exclusive to the Scions.

There are a few different ways that I’m excited to try out Lyse. One that immediately comes to mind is Fire/Wind, with Maria [1-083H]. Maria is a 4 CP Wind Backup that gives +1000 power to all of your Forwards. Together, Lyse and Maria give your Forwards +2000 power, or if you’re at 5 or more damage, +3000 power! Combine that with fellow Scion, Y’shtola [5-068L], a 3 CP Wind Forward with 7000 power. Y’shtola doesn’t receive any damage from Summons or abilities, so after you power up this Miqo’te to 9000 or more, it will be tough for your opponent to remove her. Her ability to Cancel 1 Summon or auto-ability by putting her in the Break Zone can help protect Lyse or any other valuable Forward you have in play. Phoenix [5-019L] would work great in this deck as well. It is a 7 CP Fire Summon that allows you to Choose 1 Forward of cost 3 or less in your Break Zone to play onto the field dull, and deal 8000 damage to a Forward your opponent controls. This can allow you to take out a forward and get some surprise buffs from Lyse, or cancel an auto-ability or Summon with Y’shtola. There are even more unique uses for Phoenix in a Fire/Wind deck, so I think it goes really well with Lyse.

You could also focus on the fact that Lyse gets stronger when you’re at 5 or more damage, so maybe Fusoya [2-146H] is the way to go. Fusoya is a 3 CP Light Backup with an Action ability that reads “Dull: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 7000 damage. Fusoya deals you 1 point of damage.” You can use Fusoya to get rid of some popular Forwards while ramping up your damage. In Earth, you can combine Fusoya with powerful EX Burst cards like Noctis [7-077L] and Yojimbo [7-084C] to get the most out of your Fusoya activations. Those cards cause your Forwards to battle your opponent’s Forwards, so Lyse buffing up your Forwards presents some great synergy.

Of course, there are plenty more ways you could utilize Lyse. Are there any combo’s you’re looking forward to? Who else are you expecting in the XIV Starter Set? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Next week, Kageyama-san will join us with a character from the FINAL FANTASY VII Starter Set!

See you then!




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