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2018-09-26 22:47:25

Hello everyone! Once again, I, Tarou Kageyama, will be joining you instead of RB to introduce a new card. I’m going to try my best, so please bear with me as we dive in this week, too! So, since I wanted to make the best of this opportunity to try to make RB’s fans happy as well, I’ve prepared another legend card this time, like I did with Chelinka last time. This time, I’ll be talking about [7-035L] Serah, an Ice Legend card. There are a good number of strong Ice Forwards, but this card may be one that shows off a new facet for the Ice element. Now, let me get into the reasoning behind my statement!

・An important category

 Serah has two abilities. The first is that when she enters the field, her auto ability allows her to “choose as many Characters as the Category XIII Characters you control. Dull them.” This fearsome ability has the power to end games. If you have enough Category XIII characters, you can dull your opponent’s forwards, then attack with your own forwards to damage your opponent, all in one fell swoop. When you’re determining how many you can dull, you’re called upon to count the number of characters, meaning they can be Backups or even Monsters. Consequently, dulling three or four characters can be a snap.

 Additionally, this card can prove effective not only in the decisive latter half of the game, but also when the match is just beginning, or during the middle of it. Serah’s second ability is what carries her here. Specifically, her second ability allows you to “Dull 2 active Category XIII Characters: Choose 1 forward. Freeze it.” Even though it’s just freezing, consider this: if you were to freeze a Forward that had just attacked you, it wouldn’t be activated the next turn, and additionally, the ability would be effective against forwards that were dull for whatever other reason. For example, it may also be a good idea to use this ability against a Forward that you’ve already dulled using Serah’s first ability. What’s more is that this ability doesn’t have a dull icon; happily, you can dull Serah herself during the same turn in which she enters the field.

・Let’s think about decks.

 So, after going over Serah’s abilities, let’s consider what sorts of decks she might be most suited for, in a practical sense. First, it’s critical that your lineup includes enough Category XIII cards. Often, Ice cards are those that annihilate the cards in your opponents’ hand; however, if you want to take full advantage of Serah’s power, cards that specialize in dulling and freezing, like [1-043H] Snow and [1-193S] Jihl Nabaat, may be especially useful. Also, this category boasts a wealth of Monsters. Take, for example, [4-041R] Swampmonk: this might be a perfect match in terms of the concept for this deck.


Furthermore, there are quite a few other cards that look like they’d be great for strengthening this deck even more, even though they may not be limited to just the Ice element. If you want to incorporate the Lightning element into your deck, then you probably don’t want to leave out [4-115L] Lightning. Plus, the fact that she’s also a Category XIII card helps with her synergy here. Because there are Category XIII characters for each of the other elements as well, I suspect you’ll be able to come up with a variety of deck types. If your deck leans toward the Wind element, then using [5-071R] Leyak will allow you to freeze your opponent’s Forward multiple times, and if you’re leaning towards the Fire element, then combos with [1-017R] Dajh and [2-006] Sazh, or using [5-010C] Manasvin Warmech may prove effective. Of course, there are multiple Category XIII characters that make an appearance in Opus VII as well, so I hope you’ll look forward to those as well!

And about Serah, I wonder if we’ll see her bring about a reimagined sort of Ice deck, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Give it a try and see what you come up with! Next week will be presented by RB once again. I’ll give you a hint for what card will be introduced: “a stoic male character.” See you again next time!



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