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2018-09-06 10:00:00

Hey everyone, RB here and Card of the Week is back for Opus VII Previews! We thought a great place to start would be to talk about Monsters. So far, monsters fall into two types: Monsters that act similar to Summons, and Monsters that act similar to Forwards. Opus VII explores some new design space with both types, but for this week I’d like to show how the Monsters that act similar to Summons have evolved.

Let’s take a look at two of the new cards before diving in deeper on them: Coeurl [7-089C] and Bomb [7-016C].

Coeurl [7-089C] and Bomb [7-016C] are two of six Special Monsters introduced in Opus VII with gorgeous original illustrations by FINAL FANTASY artist Kumiko Koike. In many FINAL FANTASY video games, the Monsters can ambush your party, getting in a surprise attack. Now, each of these new Monsters has an Action Ability that can be used by putting it into the Break Zone when it’s on the field, but you can also surprise your opponent with an Action Ability that can be used by discarding them from your hand! While their effects aren’t very powerful when discarded from your hand, they don’t require any CP to use them.

Coeurl [7-089C] is a 2 CP, non-Unique Lightning Monster. While on the field, you can put it into the Break Zone to: “Choose 1 Forward. Until the end of the turn, it gains +3000 power, Haste, First Strike and Brave.” However, if you discard Coeurl from hand, “Choose 1 Monster of cost 1. Break it.” This is incredibly versatile, giving you Monster removal to take out popular cards like Cactuar [4-058C] or Leyak [5-071R].

If you’re not in need of Monster removal, Coeurl can act as an extremely powerful buff either offensively or defensively. Having it on board makes your opponent have to make decisions as though all of your Forwards have +3000 power and First Strike. Also, since it gives Brave, you can attack without worrying that you’re losing a Forward to block with. I can see this being popular in decks that utilize Lightning’s hard to remove Forwards, like Illua [5-099H] and Hildibrand [4-109H].

Bomb [7-016C] is a 2 CP non-Unique Fire Monster. While on the field, it can be put into the Break Zone to: “Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 3000 damage, and deal 2000 damage to all the Forwards opponent controls.” While in your hand, you can discard it to deal 2000 damage to one Forward.

Bomb can deal some serious damage from the field, going great with cards that increase damage like Manasvin Warmech [5-010C] or Palom [3-016H]. Its discard from hand ability is perfect for when you need to deal just a little extra damage, or to take out a pesky Thaumaturge [5-040C] (when you have other cards in hand, of course). Similarly to Coeurl, having Bomb on the field will force your opponent in having to make tough decisions, since you can blow it up at any time to apply pressure to their Forwards. If your Fire Deck lays on the aggression, as Fire tends to do, Bomb might be a perfect fit!

You’ll have to wait a little longer to see the other Monsters and what they do, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview of a new way to play Monsters.

What do you think of the new original art? Aren’t Kumiko Koike’s illustrations incredible representations of some of FINAL FANTASY’s most iconic monsters? Which other Monsters are you hoping to see, and do you have any guesses on what they might do? Will you use Coeurl or Bomb in your decks come Opus VII? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Oh! One more thing. Kageyama-san enjoyed writing during the Opus VI Previews so much, that we’re going to take on Card of the Week together this time. We’ll alternate biweekly, so while I kicked things off this week, he’ll be writing next week’s article! Please look forward to it!




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