2018-05-23 19:00:00

National Announcement 2018

This year, all the Final Fantasy TCG National Events will follow the same structure: The National will be 2-days Event with a last chance qualifier on the same day as the Nationals Swiss-Rounds or one day before (depending on the location).

The Format of each National Event will be a Last Chance Qualifier (Friday or Saturday) followed by the National Swiss Rounds (Saturday) and the Top Cut single elimination (Sunday).

Last Chance Qualifier

64 players maximum

Please note: This Qualifier is not designed to determine a winner - its purpose is to provide an additional chance to qualify for the National. Additional prize support will be provided - It's still like a Regional Event :-)

National Event Day 1:

National Event Day 2:

Prize Support

Every player qualified for the Nationals will receive a limited Warrior of Light deck box for participation at the National Event!

The Prize Support for Day 1 will be based on the number of wins instead of the ranking this time.

The Prize Support for Day 2 will be based on the ranking.

Additional Slots for European Championships

As promised, additional Slots for the European Championships have been allocated based on the number of Regional Events run in each region.

Please note:

Please make sure that you are filling in the Decklist with your prettiest handwriting BEFORE the event-registration starts and not on the location itself. :-) You can use the following deck-sheet for this (right-click, save image as):



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