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2018-08-23 00:27:38

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last wrote (It was actually an Opus VI Card of the Week article), but how is everyone doing? I was able to meet players in the U.S. at Gen Con, but I will also be at PAX WEST so I hope to see you there too!

Today, I wanted to talk about Gunslinger, the side event that we randomly hold at events like the two I mentioned earlier. Gunslinger is a side event in which FFTCG players can challenge the dev team for a match at a time. It is essentially a match of FFTCG but is nonetheless highly popular and also a rare occasion in which the dev team and the players can play together. I often participate in Gunslinger matches myself. I’m always excited to do so, as I get to play with different decks I come up with, and I get to play with many different players, too.

Different members of the dev team have a tendency to use different styles of decks, but the basic thinking behind our Gunslinger decks is to “use the type of deck that we don’t often see being used.” For one, we feel like players will have more fun playing against unique decks rather than those that they often play against. We also do this in hopes that players will use our decks as hints when constructing their own deck, by showing that cards, strategies and combos that you don’t often see can do pretty well if you use them well.

Maybe you have a card you like, but you don’t really know how to use it… You’re almost done with creating a deck but there’s just one thing missing… I’m sure you’ve felt this way at least once if you are a card gamer. We aim for our Gunslinger matches to be something that can help players in that situation as well, and not just a match against the devs. This game is of course fun to play against each other, so please continue to challenge us without worrying about any of that. Any of us will gladly accept your challenge with all our might.

Now, I do want to take this opportunity to introduce one of the decks that I use.

■Mono Fire, Additional Turn Deck

・22 Forwards

【4-024R】 Llednar x2

【6-016H】 Dark Lord x2

【5-024H】 Luneth x3

【4-021L】 Sabin x3

【6-012R】 Zell x3

【2-007L】 Emperor Xande x3

【4-004H】 Edgar x3

【5-147L】 Eald’narche x3

・18 Backups

【2-009R】 Selphie x2

【1-003C】 Red Mage x3

【2-005C】 Sage x3

【3-018C】 Vivi x2

【5-017C】 Ninja x3

【1-030R】 Lebreau x2

【6-129H】 Spiritus x1

【6-010H】 Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna x2

・10 Summons/Monsters

【4-012C】 Goblin x2

【2-019R】 Belias, the Gigas x3

【5-010C】 Manasvin Warmech x1

【1-023R】 Brynhildr x3

【4-016R】 Bahamut x1

This is a deck in which you deal damage by effectively getting rid of your opponent’s forwards and attack with cards such as Sabin [4-021L], Emperor Xande [2-007L] and Zell [6-012R]. The key card in this deck is Eald’narche to get in unexpected final points of damage to finish off your opponent with his special ability, “Paradise.”

Another key card of this deck is Dark Lord [6-016H]. Even at 3CP, the card boasts a power of 8000, and also has an ability to deal 3000 damage every turn. Having to remove the top 10 cards from your deck seems like a big disadvantage, but you typically won’t use more than 40 cards in a match regardless of whether you win or lose. Removing 10 cards isn’t really too drastic if you think of them as cards that were at the bottom of your deck that you were never able to get to when the match is over. If you are able to use this card early in the match, then you can keep your opponent’s smaller forwards in check. Also, an 8000 power forward is above the curve, making Dark Lord a great attacker as well. I believe it would be good to use this card proactively.

Since the forwards in this deck are very strong, and you do have Sabin [4-021L] who specializes in attacking, you should be able to deal good damage to your opponent up to a certain point just by attacking normally. The last basic strategy of this deck is to make sure you get your attacks through by using Red Mage [1-003C] and Ninja [5-017C], and stopping your opponent from blocking. However, it becomes Eald’narche’s [5-147L] time to shine when you cannot finish off your opponent even with all the above, or if you know you’ll be defeated during your opponent’s next turn.

Please stop yourself from playing Eald’narche [5-147L] until you have the second Eald’narche [5-147L] in your hand. If you play Eald’narche [5-147L] too early, then they will create an environment where you won’t be able to overturn the table even if you use “Paradise” as it is of course, a skill to be reckoned with. This is a card that should be used as your secret weapon at a critical moment. As such, if you see a path to your victory, then wear a poker face and attack as you normally would, then play Eald’narche [5-147L] onto the field during your second main phase, then pay the cost to use “Paradise” with the second Eald’narche [5-147L] you have in your hand.

Even if you feel like you are not able to deal damage after you use Eald’narche [5-147L], but also know that you will lose during your opponents next turn, then it would be a gamble but make sure to use its special ability. The deck includes eight cards that can grant Haste, and three forwards that has Haste to create even the slightest chance at times like that. There are instances where you will be able to deal damage by pulling these Haste cards and increasing the number of attackers on your field. The key in using Eald’narche [5-147L] is to not give up until the last minute. What do you think? Doesn’t this make you want to try using mono-Fire, Eald’narche [5-147L] and Dark Lord [6-016H]? I’ve tuned this deck so that it’s easier for me to use, so if you’ve become interested in using them, please try using this deck with your own improvements added to it.

We do have a lot more decks we have prepared for Gunslinger. Please check them out yourself at our events and let’s enjoy them together!



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