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2018-02-19 09:39:09

There will be some changes to the Championship Series 2018 for Europe!

Two weeks have passed since our initial Championship Series 2018 announcement and we received lots of positive feedback but points of concerns were also raised. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an active community and address some of these points!

We gave the 2018 structure a lot of thought with 3 key objectives in mind: offer a more uniform Championship for the EU/Oceania regions, increase the number of events/chances to qualify and spread the tournaments throughout the year to minimize the gaps which is what we promised last year. Although we were very happy to run the 2017 World Championship in such a short window after the game's release, there were big format discrepancies between the participating countries as well as an obvious lack of events and scale on both regional and national levels which isn't something we wanted to repeat.

After reading through your feedback, we believe valid points were made though and we would like to introduce a couple changes to what was previously announced. Please keep in mind that there will be more information soon as we have not revealed everything yet!

Let's start with the Regional Events:

  • The minimum Regional attendance has been switched from 16 to 10 players.
    (This is to support smaller stores which would like to run a Regional while still retaining a Top 4 cut we we feel is necessary.)
  • Players who already qualified for the National are now free to participate in several Regionals and win several prizes. Only the National slot will be granted to the next best-ranked player.
  • We are keen to protect the localized versions of the game and associated stores therefore we will stick to the "70% of cards in the organizing country's language-rule" during the Regionals and Nationals.. There was a bit of confusion around the diffrent regions, so please take a look at the following chart:
  • Region

    Official Language

    UK & the Nordics English
    Germany, Austria and Switzerland German
    France French
    Italy Italian
    Spain Spanish
    Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg


    (with the exception of stores from Belgium's French speaking areas that will qualify to the French National)

National Events:

  • The full prize-pool for the Nationals has not been announced yet, but there will be some great prizes in addition to the Qualification for the Continental or World Championship.
  • The number of additional slots for the EU championship has been increased from 10 to 22 and will be allocated at the Nationals (from the 3rd place to the 8th place) depending on the number of Regionals run in each participating country.

Grand Open Events:

  • There will be 5 Grand Open Events in Europe, each of them will offer you a unique experience and there is no "70%-rule" to support traveling to multiple Grand Open Events.
  • The Top 6 players from the Grand Open will now get a slot for the EU championship instead of just the Top 2.
  • Transport and accommodation to the EU championship are now covered for the Top 2 of each Grand Open rather than just for the 1st place.

European Championship:

  • The number of slots for the EU championship has been increased from 32 to 64.
  • The Top 6 players from the EU championship will now get a slot for the World Championship instead of just the Top 4.
  • There will be another great prize for the top 8 players of the EU championship which will be announced soon.

We will update you on a regular basis with more exciting details regarding the Championship Series 2018!



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