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2018-05-31 01:55:15

Hey everyone! It’s RB again for this week’s Card of the Week! I’m so psyched about Opus VI. It not only features one of my favorite titles, FINAL FANTASY X-2 (as shown in the Yuna 6-124L article), but also FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward, another of my favorite FINAL FANTASY titles. I put in so many hours playing Heavensward, and was drawn in by its exciting story. Seriously, I was unable to put it down until I finished the main story. So without further ado, this week’s Opus VI Card of the Week is Y’shtola [6-083H].

Please be aware that there are some spoilers ahead for the story of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. Please skip ahead to the card details if you would rather learn the details by playing the games!

Y’shtola Rhul is one of the first members of the Scions of Seventh Dawn from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, a group formed to watch over Eorzea as its people try to rebuild after the the Seventh Umbral calamity. At the climax of the storyline, a series of political plots sees the Scions, and the Warrior of Light, forced to make a hasty escape from a group of would-be captors.

During their retreat, Y’sthola cast a forbidden teleportation magick intended to ferry her friends to safety by breaking down their bodies into aether to enter and subsequently traverse the Lifestream. Unfortunately, the spell, long since forbidden, often resulted in the caster becoming lost and adrift in the Lifestream. It is from this fate that the Warrior of Light is able to save Y’shtola. However, you soon discover that Y’sthola’s appearance has changed and her powers have seemingly increased dramatically. Tataru makes her a new outfit fitting of the Conjurer’s powerful persona. As an unfortunate side effect of being exposed to the Lifestream for so long, she lost her eyesight and needs to use magic to “see,” but constantly expelling so much effort puts a toll on her very life force. She pushes ahead, however, drawing strength from her companions as they fight to save Eorzea. She has been forever changed, and she’s changed quite a bit in FFTCG as well.

Let’s take a look!

Y’shtola [6-083H] is a 4 CP Earth Forward from category XIV with the job Scion of the Seventh Dawn. She has 8000 power and three abilities. Y’shtola [5-068L] couldn’t be dealt damage by opposing Summons or abilities, but Y’shtola [6-083H]’s time in the Lifestream has reversed this ability. Now, “Y’shtola cannot be broken by opposing Summons or abilities that don’t deal damage.”

She’s going to need to rely on her friends to learn how to harness her newfound powers. Her other abilities read, “If you control 3 or more Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn other than Y’shtola, Y’shtola gains Brave. When Y’shtola attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. If you control 5 or more Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn other than Y’shtola, deal it 8000 damage.” She pierces through enemy forwards like an aetheric battering ram when she attacks while the other Scions are assembled.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV 2018 Starter Set has plenty of amazing Scions of the Seventh Dawn characters to play with, and it’s great that Y’shtola can now fit in easier alongside them as an Earth Forward. Let’s take a look!

Let’s start off with the leader of the Scions, Minfilia [5-160S]. Minfilia is an Earth Backup that costs 4 CP and has an EX Burst auto ability that reads, “When Minfilia enters the field, you may search for 1 Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn Forward and add it to your hand.” This will help you either search out Y’shtola, or your other Scions to power her up. She also has an action ability that costs 1 Earth CP, Dull Minfilia, and put Minfilia into the Break Zone to “Choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Break it.” Note, you can only use this ability if you control 5 or more Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn characters.

Both Y’shtola and Minfilia want you to get to 5 Scions, so any search abilities you can get will help you reach your “squad goals.” That said, Papalymo [5-159S] is a must. He’s a 3 CP Earth Forward, with 5000 power and an EX Burst auto ability which reads, “When Papalymo enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Yda and add it to your hand.” This means you could quickly get to three Scions by playing Minfilia, then searching for Papalymo, who then searches for Yda. Also, while Papalymo is on the field, if the Card Name Yda you control deals damage to a Forward, increase the damage by 2000 instead.

So, clearly, you don’t play Papalymo without also playing Yda [5-158S]. She is a 2 CP Earth Forward with 2000 power. That may seem weak, however just like Y’shtola, the other Scions boost her up. Yda gets +2000 power for each Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn other than Yda you control. When you reach the goal of 5 Scions (including Yda), Yda will be a 10,000 power Forward! Not only that, but “When Yda attacks, choose 1 dull Forward opponent controls. Deal it damage equal to half of Yda’s power (round down to the nearest 1000).” If she’s strong enough, she can Break opposing dull Forwards in addition to attacking, making it dangerous for your opponent to attack or use abilities before Yda attacks. Papalymo’s ability also increases this ability’s damage, making him essentially count double.

Aside from the Earth Scions featured in the Starter Set, there are some Lightning ones as well. Alphinaud [5-162S] is a 2 CP Lightning Backup with an action ability that costs 1 Lightning CP and dull Alphinaud to, “Choose 1 active Forward. Deal it 1000 damage. If you control a Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn Forward, deal it 2000 damage instead.” At 2 CP, this Scion of the Seventh dawn will usually be the first Scion you’ll want to play in a game, and since he’s a Backup, he’ll likely stay there the entire game. His action ability is just a bit of a bonus, but ultimately you want Alphinaud to pave the way for your other Scions.

He especially paves the way for his sister, Alisaie [5-161S], a 4 CP Lightning Backup. “If you control Card Name Alphinaud, the cost for playing Alisaie onto the field is reduced by 1.” If Alphinaud is a great turn 1 character for the Scions, Alisaie, is the best turn 2 after playing Alphinaud. She has a field ability which reads, “The Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn Forwards you control gain Haste.” Every Scion Forward having Haste is incredible, making it so your opponent is never truly safe from attacks if you have Forwards in your hand. You can catch opponents off guard this way with Yda or Y’shtola, when their ability breaks a Forward almost as soon as they hit the field.

Lastly, Urianger is a 2 CP Lightning Forward with 2000 power. He’s fairly weak, power wise, and doesn’t have the same advantage as Yda of getting stronger with each Scion of the Seventh Dawn Forward you control. However, he has an auto ability that DOES get stronger for each Scion you control. It reads, “When Urianger enters the field, choose 1 Monster in your Break Zone. If its cost is equal to or less than the number of Job Scion of the Seventh Dawn Forwards you control, play it onto the field.” With Urianger, you’ll want to use Monsters for some of your early CP costs. Then, as you gather Scions, use him to put them into play. Monsters are a great way to fill out the rest of your deck to support your Scions.

So, what do you think? Does Y’shtola have a home in your Scion of the Seventh Dawn deck? Are you excited to see what other characters from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward may show up? Let us know in the comments at facebook.com/FinalFantasyTCG!

Until next time!




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