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Card of the Week Opus XIII Kunshira

CotW Opus 13/kunshira web

Hey everyone, Tim here!

I am very happy to present you my first Spoiler for Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance.

This time we are looking at one of my favorite Artworks from the upcoming set: Kunshira from FFBE.

Kunshira [13-114H] is a 2CP Multi-Element Wind/Lightning Forward with the Job Warrior, Category FFBE and 9000 Power and Haste. She reads “If you control 4 or more Backups, Kunshira loses 3000 power.”
Additionally, she has the Special Ability “Tempest Spellblade” which reads, “Activate Kunshira. Until the end of the turn, all the Forwards opponent controls lose 4000 power and Kunshira gains First Strike and “Kunshira can attack once more this turn.””  

Well, I think it goes without saying that this card is an amazing addition to a Wind/Lightning Aggro Deck, with 9000 Power and Haste for just 2 CP. The only downside is that the power will go down to 6000 if you have 4 or 5 backups, but if you are playing an aggressive game, you will probably not play more than 3 anyway.
Even though we don’t want too many Backups, the card is Multi-Element, so we’ll need 1 Wind Backup and 1 Lightning Backup to pay the 2CP cost without losing any CP, as we’d need 4CP total if paying purely from hand. The cost of 2 CP is really nice for many other cards that let you play a 2 CP Forward for free. The obvious Golbez [1-135L] aside, Devout [1-077C] would let you play this card from your Break Zone, which could be a great turn 2, or later getting it back from the Break Zone if your opponent managed to deal with it. Aranea [11-086L] and Puck [11-098C] accomplish the same thing on Damage 3 – which should be easy to achieve with some self damage effects - for example with Kuja [11-090L]. And that is just Lightning and Wind – If you are playing Ice and using Shelke [2-035H] this would mean you are playing Kunshira from your Hand for free and your opponent has to discard a card while you can attack with Haste! Great! Of course, there are more ways such as Aigis [7-002R] or Phoenix [3-020H], but I think Shelke might be my favorite so far.

As Kunshira is a Job Warrior, she is searchable by Hugh Yurg [6-077R] and synergizes with Ward [6-001C] who would turn her into a 11000 Power Forward.
As Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance is introducing quite a few Category FFBE cards, I am sure there will be some more spice to it. 😉

With Tempest Spellblade, Kunshira not only gives you a great tool to finish the game with an additional attack, but also lets her dodge many Ice abilities that choose a dull Forward. Simply letting all Forwards your opponent controls lose 4000 Power is strong on its own as well. It can be especially useful in both Wind and Lightning, since both colors give you many options to deal damage to all Forwards your opponent controls, therefore Kunshira makes it easier to clear the whole board or maybe dull everything by combining Tempest Spellblade with Sephiroth [11-138S].

Personally, I think there are some great Wind/Lightning Decks coming in Opus XIII and I cannot wait to share my first deck idea once there are more cards revealed from it.

What do you think about the card? Which decks would run it and what would you like to try out? Let us know at or or join our Discord Servers to discuss this and other upcoming cards.

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Next time, Kageyama-san will show you a new Legend card… and if you have some focused eyesight, you might have scoped a hint or two for it already in this very article.

Stay tuned!