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Card of the Week Opus XIII Akstar

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Hey everyone, Richelle (“RB”) here. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a Card of the Week article, so it feels good to be able to bring you a new card from Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance today!

This week’s card is Akstar [13-002L]. Akstar is a character from FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS with a rather complicated backstory. I’d suggest checking out the game to learn more about him, but the important thing to know is he has connections to many of the characters in the cast of FFBE, and a wealth of techniques he’s learned during his past hardships.

Let’s take a look at the card!

Akstar [13-002L] is a 4 CP, 8000 Power Forward, category FFBE, with Job Mercenary. He has an auto ability that reads “When Akstar enters the field, choose 1 card with EX Burst in your Damage Zone. You may trigger its EX Burst effect.” Being able to choose EX Bursts from your Damage Zone to replay has never been done before! While he doesn’t have an EX Burst ability himself, he excels in a deck that’s loaded with them. In addition, Akstar has a Damage 3 auto ability which reads “When Akstar enters the field, you may search for 1 Category FFBE Character other than Card Name Akstar and add it to your hand.”

First of all, Akstar can only really be played for any value once you’ve taken damage, ideally three damage with at least one EX Burst. It may be good to include some cards that self damage, like Sabin [11-018H] or Kuja [11-090L], which can allow you to deal yourself a point of damage as soon as they enter. Some other options which have been popular in the past, especially in decks with lots of EX Burst cards, are Cecil [5-086L] and Fusoya [2-146H], which give you a little bit more control on when exactly you take the damage.

Of course, dealing yourself damage isn’t the important part, the EX Bursts are just as important! One of the cool parts about Akstar is that you can include high cost EX Burst cards, and then use them at a much cheaper cost. Odin [1-124R] is one of the first that comes to mind, if it’s in your Damage Zone, Akstar can Break any Forward when he enters the field! The other that quickly comes to mind is Yiazmat [9-057L], which would give so many options for when Akstar enters the field off just 1 card, since Yiazmat has 3 different options.

Looking at the previously mentioned EX Bursts, there are some strong FFBE Characters in these Elements that you may want to include as well, like Lid [8-105H] in Fire/Lightning, or Fina [8-060L] in Fire/Wind, since Akstar would be able to search for them while you’re at Damage 3. With that in mind, Veritas of the Dark [8-136L] and Citra [10-127H] have both been popular Dark and Light Element FFBE cards that could see a place with Akstar, Citra even has an EX Burst!

Of course, players are often including more than two Elements in decks these days, so these are just some initial thoughts to get you started. What are some ideas you have for Akstar? Are Fire players excited to see this new Legend card? Let us know on!

Next time, Tim will be showing of a card you’re going to want in your more haste-y decks right meow.

Until next time!